Chapter 1133 - The Divine Temple’s Threat (1)

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Chapter 1133: The Divine Temple’s Threat (1)

Liu Huo looked at Ji Fengyan’s delicate little face. He suddenly raised his hand and stroked her cheek with a fingertip. Warmth flowed through his finger, down to his heart.

“I am leaving,” Liu Huo said gently.

Ji Fengyan was slightly taken aback.

Liu Huo’s gaze lingered longingly on Ji Fengyan’s face. It was as if he was trying to deeply imprint her image in his mind.

“Hu Na is a Terminator groomed by the Divine Temple and sent to the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon. I have interacted with him previously and he told me that the Divine Temple wants me to go back.”

Liu Huo had already revealed the Divine Temple’s hypocrisy to Ji Fengyan. She would have to fight the Divine Temple if she did not wish for the world to end up under the control of the Heavenly Fiend Clan.


“The Divine Temple will definitely carry out an investigation on your victory over the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon. Meanwhile, as the Grand Tutor of the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon, they will definitely trust my words,” Liu Huo said in a mild tone. The relationship between the Divine Temple and Liu Huo was very complicated. His return would be for the sake of both Ji Fengyan and himself.

The Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon was one of the most powerful nations, and the one the Divine Temple was most focused upon. The temple would not ignore this major defeat suffered by the kingdom. If they sent someone to investigate the incident, they would definitely find out about Ji Fengyan and the Kingdom of Hua Xia.

And what worried Liu Huo was Ji Fengyan’s Terminator status.

The Divine Temple would never allow a Terminator to leave its control. They would definitely try to kill Ji Fengyan to ensure complete dominance over the Terminators.

Before Hu Na’s appearance, Liu Huo might have held a sliver of hope in his heart.

But the moment he realized the Divine Temple had sent their own Terminators into the various kingdoms, Liu Huo understood that the temple would definitely be making a major move soon. It would be too late if he didn’t try to stop them now.

He would never allow the Divine Temple to discover that the Terminator Ji Fengyan had already left their control. Otherwise, she would have to endure their crazed, murderous pursuit.

The power of the Divine Temple was beyond that of any other nation.

“Wait a minute, going by what you mentioned, they will not let you off if they find out about the relationship between me and you.” Ji Fengyan suddenly realized this danger.

With Liu Huo in the Divine Temple, they would not attack Hua Xia. But if the Divine Temple discovered the relationship between Liu Huo and Ji Fengyan, the one in danger would be him.

Liu Huo shook his head with a smile.

“I will be careful. You just concentrate on gathering all the demon bones as quickly as possible. The Divine Temple will not bother me.”

“Why are you doing this?” Ji Fengyan gazed at Liu Huo with troubled eyes. He was from the Divine Temple and did not need to make enemies of them.

“For you, and for myself.” Liu Huo chuckled, but had no intention of further clarifying things.

“To derail the plans of the Heavenly Fiend Clan, we need to resolve the conflict between the demons and humans. We need to resurrect the demon god and the only way to do so is to assemble all of its bones. With the demon god alive again, the demons will not continue fighting us. Meanwhile, I believe you can come up with ideas to resolve the human side of things.”

Ji Fengyan stared silently at Liu Huo. She just felt that he was keeping something from her. Nevertheless, it was not her place to force him to reveal everything.

“I will have the dark guard remain by your side. May I hug you before I leave?” Liu Huo gazed at Ji Fengyan.

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