Chapter 1134 - The Divine Temple’s Threat (2)

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Chapter 1134:

The Divine Temple’s Threat (2)

Ji Fengyan hugged Liu Huo with no hesitation.

Liu Huo bore too many secrets, but Ji Fengyan knew very well that there was no way she could force him to reveal them if he didn’t want to. At this point, she could only put her trust in him.

Liu Huo held Ji Fengyan tightly, as a glint of steeliness and resolve flashed across his eyes.

Liu Huo departed silently after embracing Ji Fengyan. The dark guard remained by Ji Fengyan’s side, taking over, protecting her.

After Liu Huo left, Ji Fengyan immediately psyched herself up. For the first time, she pro-actively entered her own internal mind to seek the demon god who had not appeared for a long time.

“I will accept your request to help you find all the bones. However, you must promise me that after I have done so, you must stop the demons from attacking humans.” Ji Fengyan stood before the massive demon god, her fair face full of determination.

The demon god stared in wonder at the young girl whose demeanor had changed so greatly. Amusement shone in its eyes.

[What made you suddenly change your mind? I am very curious about that.]

Ji Fengyan replied without expression, “You need not know that.”

The demon god chuckled.

[All right, I am willing to enter this deal with you. To make your search easier, I will use my energy to detect the locations of the other bones. I will let you know when I have found them.]

Ji Fengyan nodded and left.

Liu Huo’s departure gave Ji Fengyan an uneasy feeling. And this sense of unease motivated her to complete her mission as soon as possible.

To destroy the Heavenly Fiend Clan, to resolve the grudge between humans and demons, and to release all Terminators.

Using its own power, the demon god located all its bones within three days. It marked the locations on a map.

From the markings made by the demon god, its bones were scattered in nearly a hundred different locations. And most of them were in important spots within the capital cities of the various kingdoms. It would not be such a simple task to collect them all.

The place with the highest number of demon bones was the most powerful nation of them all, the Kingdom of Sa Er.

Ji Fengyan summoned Chi Tong and the rest and revealed everything that Liu Huo told her. The information had Gong Zhiyu and the gang totally stunned.

“No wonder Liu Huo was able to change the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon army’s strategy, so…” Gong Zhiyu had never imagined that quiet youth was actually the much-revered Grand Tutor of the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon.

Even more shocking was the truth behind the Heavenly Fiend Clan.

“If I am not wrong, that bone we found at the Kingdom of Xi was one of the demon god’s.” Chi Tong held a grave expression. He finally understood why he and his troops had suddenly become the targets of the Sa Er Emperor.

It was only because they had discovered something that was not meant to be discovered.

“I have a plan, and I want to know what you all think of it.” Ji Fengyan surveyed the group in front of her as she sat on her throne in the grand hall.

“Let us hear it.”

Ji Fengyan said, “I want to assemble all the bones in the shortest amount of time, and put an end to this mess. As such, I need you all to split up and head towards the different nations, to collect the bones.”

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