Chapter 1135 - The Divine Temple’s Threat (3)

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Chapter 1135: The Divine Temple’s Threat (3)

The demon god’s bones were so scattered that Ji Fengyan would probably need three to five years if she was to go about collecting them on her own.

As a result, Ji Fengyan summoned everyone and was prepared to make use of Hua Xia’s current status to speed up the process.

“Because of our battle with the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon, quite a number of nations had reached out to us in goodwill. If we send out ambassadors to those countries under the guise of establishing ties, they will not suspect anything.” Ji Fengyan narrowed her eyes.

Their victory over the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon had launched Hua Xia into the public eye. The other nations now treated the newly established Hua Xia with fear and respect, providing Ji Fengyan with this ripe opportunity.

She had Gong Zhiyu, Chi Tong, Meng Fusheng and the rest dispatch their men to the various nations as ambassadors from the Kingdom of Hua Xia. They will make use of this opportunity to seek the bones in the locations marked out by the demon god.

“There should not be any problems with the other nations, but for the Kingdom of Sa Er… I am afraid things won’t be that easy,” Gong Zhiyu said thoughtfully. He looked straight at Chi Tong.

Chi Tong understood Gong Zhiyu’s meaning and spoke up. “Sa Er had never regarded the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon highly. Hence, our victory will mean nothing to them. They will probably not be too welcoming if we send ambassadors over. Moreover…”

Chi Tong narrowed his eyes and hesitated a moment before continuing. “The Grand Tutor of the Kingdom of Sa Er is very powerful, and the Emperor has always been very willing to listen to him. In fact, it was probably the Grand Tutor’s idea to eradicate us at that time.”

As the most powerful kingdom in the human world, the Divine Temple would naturally monitor Sa Er closely. To make a move on that kingdom would be a major challenge.

“However, it is also not entirely impossible. If we can locate the prince of Sa Er, things will become a little simpler,” Chi Tong said in all seriousness.

“I will try.” Ji Fengyan spoke up. “Although Chi Tong understands the Kingdom of Sa Er best, he can no longer return. Whereas I can easily escape if I meet with any danger. However, Chi Tong must share with me everything about Sa Er in detail. Only then can I be effective.”

Gong Zhiyu and company all nodded. With her skills, Ji Fengyan was naturally the best choice.

At that, the crowd immediately started moving. Chi Tong went over all the details he knew about the Kingdom of Sa Er with Ji Fengyan.

It was unlike the low profile kept by Xing Lou in the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon.

The Grand Tutor of Sa Er made his presence thoroughly felt throughout the kingdom. He did not just oversee the Terminators, but even the Sa Er Emperor would follow his lead on other matters. On the surface, the Grand Tutor was the spiritual leader of a nation. However, for the Grand Tutor of Sa Er, his power and authority had already surpassed the Emperor’s.

Meanwhile, the Sa Er prince had a pleasant relationship with Chi Tong. Before Chi Tong left Sa Er, the prince had already hinted to him about the Grand Tutor’s strong-armed tactics. He had been dissatisfied with the Grand Tutor for a long time. Unfortunately, he was just the crown prince and unable to go against the powerful Grand Tutor.

After gaining an understanding of the Kingdom of Sa Er, Ji Fengyan immediately settled her affairs in Hua Xia. As Gong Zhiyu, Chi Tong and the rest were also heading out of the valley to seek the bones, Ji Fengyan had invited Ji Linglong over to help oversee Hua Xia for the time being. As for herself, she would set off for the Kingdom of Sa Er as soon as possible.

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