Chapter 1136 - The Kingdom of Sa Er (1)

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Chapter 1136: The Kingdom of Sa Er (1)

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The Kingdom of Sa Er was the most powerful of all the nations. Since emerging as the most formidable force in that major civil war 300 years ago, it continued to dominate the other nations by expanding its territories and military force. All the countries feared it.

Sa Er became increasingly strong over the past century. To seek protection, the various nations offered extravagant annual tributes to Sa Er.

It was said that the number of soldiers in just one of its troops guarding a piece of its borders was already equivalent to the entire military force of a small nation. In addition, they were the only kingdom who had more than a thousand Terminators.

The other nations accorded the Kingdom of Sa Er with the utmost deference. Although they gave lavish yearly tributes to Sa Er, none of the countries were ever greeted by its Emperor. Even stronghold nations such as the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon and the Kingdom of Gui Suo were only met by Sa Er officials. They were not deemed fit to meet the Emperor of Sa Er.

It could be said that if the Kingdom of Sa Er wanted to take over the world, the other countries would have no choice but to submit. They would stand no chance in defending themselves.

Situated inside the capital city of Sa Er, the entire palace was made of gold and dazzled under the sunlight. It was said that the cost of constructing that palace was enough to fill the coffers of the prosperous nations.

It was now noon and outside the Sa Er palace was a handsome man dressed in a yellow suit. He was frowning while standing at the entrance. The guards by the side looked at him with a complicated expression.

“Your Highness, His Majesty is in a discussion with the Grand Tutor today and has ordered that no one is to disturb them. Why don’t you come back tomorrow?” A guard couldn’t help speaking up respectfully.

Alas, that youth stranded outside the palace was not just anyone, but the sole crown prince of the Kingdom of Sa Er Long Xi.

The Sa Er Emperor had a vast harem and fathered countless children. Nonetheless, he had only two sons. One was Long Xi, who was borne by the Sa Er Empress, while the other was the second prince, Long Yue, borne by the Sa Er Emperor’s favorite concubine.

Long Xi was 27 years old and at the prime of his youth. He was frank and direct, capable and strong. The Sa Er Emperor adored him, and he had also earned the allegiance of many officials.

It could be said that Long Xi was one of the highest-ranking persons in the Kingdom of Sa Er, but now… he had been locked outside the palace.

Long Xi frowned at the guard’s statement, especially when he heard the words “Grand Tutor”. A steeliness flashed across his eyes but was quickly wiped off.

Long Xi’s own guard said in an inaudible voice, “Your Highness, I am afraid we won’t be able to meet His Majesty today. Why don’t we head back first?”

Long Xi looked up at the palace. Still frowning, he discreetly clenched his fists. Taking a deep breath, a slight smile crossed his handsome face.

“Never mind. Since father is in discussion with Grand Tutor, then could I trouble you to inform my father that I have something to report? I am available to meet him whenever he has the time.”

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