Chapter 1137 - The Kingdom of Sa Er (2)

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Chapter 1137: The Kingdom of Sa Er (2)

After Long Xi passed his message, he turned and left with his personal guard. The palace guards secretly heaved a sigh of relief.

This was already the seventh time.

Seven days ago, the Sa Er Emperor had summoned the Grand Tutor to the palace and their discussion had yet to end. For the past seven days, they allowed no one to enter the palace.

From day one, the crown prince had been requesting to see the Sa Er Emperor, but was rejected for the past seven consecutive days.

Having turned away the future emperor seven times, the palace guards were feeling a mounting pressure.

Long Xi left the palace with quick strides. His handsome face had been cast over by a dark gloom. Seeing Long Xi’s expression, his personal guard hurriedly said in a gloomy voice, “Your Highness needs to bear this a little longer.”

“Bear?” Long Xi suddenly stopped. A cold smile crossed his face. “Our north area has been plagued by natural disasters and the citizens are suffering. The petitions sent forth by the local officials are piling up—we have ample national reserves, so why have we not offered to help them? Father only listens to that Grand Tutor…”

“Your Highness, please be careful of what you say!” The guard hastily interrupted him. He looked about to make sure there was no one else around, before continuing quietly. “The citizens are blessed to have Your Highness’ concern. However, Your Highness must go about things carefully. If you are charged for offending the Grand Tutor and His Majesty, who else would stand up for the citizens of the north area?”

Long Xi’s eyes flashed and as he clenched his fists even more tightly. “Let’s go back.”


In the Kingdom of Sa Er, all members of the royal household must move out of the palace at 16. Long Xi’s residence was within the capital city and differed greatly from the lavish palace. He had designed his house himself and done away with impractical embellishments. Simple and elegant, it was not even as luxurious as your usual wealthy families’ residences.

After returning to his home, Long Xi could no longer contain the anger he felt.

“Go and get the treasures in my storage facility! Sell whatever you can. If the nation’s reserves can’t be used, then use mine!” Long Xi was nearly bursting with rage.

The wealth of the Kingdom of Sa Er was far beyond that of any other nation. It would be no exaggeration to say that they piled the amount of gold and precious jewels in their national reserves as high as a mountain.

Just disbursing a bit of the reserves would ease the citizens’ troubles. However, it was troublesome to get even a cent out of the reserves.

“I shouldn’t have let father pass the management of our national reserves to the Grand Tutor. He is unwilling to open the reserves to help with the natural disasters, but instead wants to build some stargazing pagoda!” Long Xi fumed. When the reserves were under the control of the Sa Er Emperor, they could open it anytime there was trouble within the nation. But over a year ago, the Sa Er Emperor handed control of the reserves over to the Grand Tutor, explaining that he wanted to use it to build a stargazing pagoda to observe the signs of heaven, to protect the lifeline of the Sa Er.

Long Xi felt the entire matter was a complete joke.

With the Kingdom of Sa Er’s power, was there still a need for such nonsense?

The guard made sure the door was well shut. He knew Long Xi had been fuming the past few days and could only listen to his complaints patiently.

Long Xi was the crown prince, but extremely close to the common folk. He always put the citizens of Sa Er first and would even go against the Sa Er Emperor on their behalf. He had quite an excellent reputation among the people.

The people only knew that Long Xi was the crown prince of Sa Er. What they didn’t know was that because Long Xi had repeatedly gone against the Sa Er Emperor, the Emperor was now rather displeased with him.

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