Chapter 1140 - Adding Wings To A Tiger (2)

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Chapter 1140: Adding Wings To A Tiger (2)

The young girl smiled faintly before continuing. “I am Ji Fengyan.”

“Ji Fengyan?” It startled long Xi. He seemed to recall that name, but… Long Xi surveyed Ji Fengyan’s appearance suspiciously.

About half a year ago, a warrant issued by the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon was delivered to Long Xi. He had scanned it briefly but was shocked by what he read. A 15-year-old girl had caused mayhem in the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon. It was a truly unbelievable matter.

The unusual nature of that warrant made Long Xi take a more careful look at it. With his excellent memory, Long Xi could remember the face on that warrant even now. It showed a young, pretty girl, who looked totally different from this world-class beauty before him.

“It’s just to make things more convenient.” Ji Fengyan touched her own face and laughed casually. Her former appearance was rather pleasing to the eye.

Long Xi was intelligent and immediately understood Ji Fengyan’s meaning.

With the deep grudge between the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon and Ji Fengyan, tens of thousands of people would probably pursue were she to swagger through the city with her usual face. After all, the bounty offered by the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon was the highest offered by anyone yet.

“You mentioned earlier that you are here to help me? Is that his intention?” Long Xi asked.

Ji Fengyan replied in a neutral tone, “Yes and no.”

Her attitude confused long Xi.

“Chi Tong told me before that you don’t get along well with the Grand Tutor?” Ji Fengyan probed.

Long Xi’s face immediately sank on hearing the words Grand Tutor.

“It’s not that we don’t get along, we just have different points of view.” Long Xi’s voice was calm, but he thought of how Ji Fengyan was in this room and must have already overheard his earlier words.

“What if I can help you resolve your current problem?” Ji Fengyan smiled.

Long Xi was slightly taken aback. He sized up Ji Fengyan and was unconvinced, but then recalled her actions in the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon. He suddenly felt…

Perhaps it’s not entirely impossible.

“How do you intend to help me?” Long Xi asked with some reservations.

“What do you think is the main crux of your current problem?” Ji Fengyan asked in return.

Long Xi frowned. “It’s the Grand Tutor.”

But Ji Fengyan shook her head.

“Not really. The actual issue lies with your father, the Sa Er Emperor.”

Long Xi’s eyes widened.

“Though I may not have a good understanding of Sa Er, Chi Tong had explained to me some matters pertaining to your kingdom.” Ji Fengyan continued steadily.

“Chi Tong grew up with you in the palace and also interacted quite a bit with the Emperor. What was your father like in the early years? Was he also, like now, always blindly following the lead of the Grand Tutor?”

Long Xi sank into deep thoughts at Ji Fengyan’s words.

The current Emperor of Sa Er, also Long Xi’s father, was a rather capable ruler. Not only was he exceptionally intelligent, he was very sharp and able to see through things easily. The Kingdom of Sa Er only grew more powerful under his lead.

It would not be an exaggeration to say that when he was young, Long Xi had always looked up to his father and aspired to become like him. He had hoped that he would be a strong and fair ruler like his father.

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