Chapter 1141 - Adding Wings To A Tiger (3)

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Chapter 1141: Adding Wings To A Tiger (3)


It was unclear when it started, but the Sa Er Emperor underwent a gradual change.

In the early years, although he would make use of Terminators, he never relied solely on them. That was how he groomed exceptional generals like Chi Tong. The Kingdom of Sa Er of that era had a fearsome reputation, not because of the number of Terminators they had, but because of their powerful army.

Fast-forwarding to the present, everything had changed.

Not only were Terminators the Kingdom of Sa Er’s primary combat force now, they controlled all the troops in the military. In addition, the Grand Tutor used to be Sa Er’s spiritual leader and only oversaw Terminators, rarely meddling in the military affairs, now… the Grand Tutor’s authority in Sa Er was equivalent to that of the Emperor.

In fact, many national matters were now being decided by the Grand Tutor alone.

Long Xi had gotten entangled into a complicated situation with no possibility of escape. He just felt that Grand Tutor’s growing ambition would overtake all in time to come.

But Ji Fengyan’s words were like a pail of ice water, splashing him to his senses.

“Unless the Sa Er Emperor permits it, how else could the Grand Tutor make use of his power? You… when did you last see your father?” A sharp glint flashed across Ji Fengyan’s eyes.

Long Xi gave a violent start.

“It’s been… months.”

Ji Fengyan had a “just as I suspected” expression.

Long Xi got increasingly anxious as he thought about it. He felt that he had missed out on something very important.

The guard was also stunned by what he heard. He looked at the delicate young girl and couldn’t help asking, “Miss Ji, how did you know…”

Ji Fengyan shrugged. “I have heard more news since coming to your Kingdom of Sa Er.”

Ji Fengyan didn’t waste her time during her trip to Sa Er. She had gathered information pertaining to Sa Er’s current situation. There were the highest number of demon god bones here—she couldn’t rely just on herself if she wanted to quickly collect them all. As such, she had made use of this link to Long Xi provided by Chi Tong.

Long Xi did not get along well with the Grand Tutor. This was excellent news to Ji Fengyan. She believed that Long Xi would be more than happy to overthrow the Grand Tutor. And according to the methods of the Sa Er Emperor during the earlier days, he did not place too much emphasis on Terminators. She believed that as long as they could get rid of the Sa Er Grand Tutor, she would have a way to persuade Long Xi and the Sa Er Emperor to dig up all the demon god’s bones.

Long Xi’s thoughts were in disarray. Nevertheless, he temporarily quelled his rising emotions and asked Ji Fengyan, “It would be great if Miss Ji will help. I will have someone arrange for your accommodations now. I will also create a new identification for you as soon as possible, so that no one will discover your true identity.”

Ji Fengyan smiled. This Long Xi was rather astute.

Long Xi was just about to say something else when a sudden knock rang out.

Long Xi promptly went on the alert.

“What is it?”

“Your Highness, the Emperor and the Crown Prince of the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon wishes to see you.” A voice from the other side of the door drifted over.

“Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon?” Long Xi instinctively looked at Ji Fengyan.

Ji Fengyan was also totally stunned.

“Do you have a relationship with the Emperor of the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon?” Ji Fengyan raised her brows. This was such a coincidence. She had just arrived and the Emperor of the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon had already come knocking on the door.

Long Xi shook his head. “Not really. But in the early years when the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon sent tributes to us, I had met their crown prince once.”

The corners of Ji Fengyan’s lips curled up in a smile, while an evil glint flashed across her eyes. “Then, crown prince, do you mind if I come along with you to meet these two visitors from afar?”

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