Chapter 1173 - Impersonation (1)

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Chapter 1173: Impersonation (1)

The Sacred Dragon Emperor immediately noticed the outfit and silk box in Ji Fengyan’s hands. His heart started thumping.

“Miss, what is this?” The Sacred Dragon Emperor asked Ji Fengyan cautiously.

a splendid opportunityJi Fengyan chuckled. She placed the clothing and box on the table before shutting the door. She then turned towards the Sacred Dragon Emperor and prince. “Your Majesty should understand the Crown Prince’s earlier meaning. He hopes for you to meet with the Grand Tutor as soon as possible, and his birthday celebration will be a great opportunity. However, Your Majesty should also know that Lord Xing Hun is after all the Grand Tutor of Sa Er—you might have to wait awhile if you wish to see him in your capacity as the Sacred Dragon Emperor. Even the Crown Prince doesn’t have the authority to bring you into the birthday banquet.”

The Sacred Dragon Emperor’s heart thudded. Of course, he knew that he was not good enough to attend the birthday banquet of the Grand Tutor of Sa Er. That was why he had been so agitated when Ji Fengyan suggested that.

“You are right, but… this matter is very urgent. We will do nothing untoward during the Grand Tutor’s birthday celebrations…” The Sacred Dragon Emperor hastily guaranteed. He was deeply afraid of missing this opportunity.

Ji Fengyan smiled. “Your Majesty, don’t be so anxious. Since the Crown Prince already agreed to that suggestion, he will definitely help you fulfill your wish.” With that, Ji Fengyan pointed at the outfit on the table. “This is an outfit the Crown Prince has prepared for you. Would Your Majesty please wear it to the banquet?”

The Sacred Dragon Emperor felt rather perplexed. He couldn’t understand why an outfit would render him the credentials to attend Grand Tutor Xing Hun’s birthday celebrations. Nevertheless, he obediently held up the clothes. He was stunned by what he saw.

Among the nations, the clothing of the royal family all had specific requirements. They enjoyed sole proprietorship over the materials and designs used, no one else was allowed to copy them. Even the most high-ranking official would not dare trespass in this area.

However, the outfit held up by the Sacred Dragon Emperor was obviously in the design of the Sa Er royal house. Only a true-blue member of the royal family was allowed to wear such clothing.

“This… what is the meaning of this?” The Sacred Dragon Emperor stared in wonder at Ji Fengyan.

Ji Fengyan smiled. “The Crown Prince intends to have Your Majesty enter the Grand Tutor’s residence by impersonating him. Although Your Majesty is unable to appeal to the Grand Tutor in your own right, having you personally “deliver” your message will make things clearer than if the Crown Prince was to do it for you.”

The Sacred Dragon Emperor was utterly stunned. He never expected Long Xi to ask him to impersonate his identity as the crown prince, to enter the Grand Tutor’s birthday banquet. Although he was desperate to meet Grand Tutor Xing Hun, he was no fool. The Sacred Dragon Emperor was already over 50 years old—there was no way he looked anything like a man of Long Xi’s age. Moreover, he did not look like Long Xi at all in both facial features and physique. Such an impersonation was doomed to fail.

“Miss, are you joking? How could I possibly impersonate the Crown Prince?” The Sacred Dragon Emperor gave a dry laugh.

Ji Fengyan replied, “Your Majesty, don’t worry. I guarantee that you will pass through smoothly.” With that, Ji Fengyan raised her hand and directed a stream of vital energy to the tip of the Sacred Dragon Emperor’s head. In the blink of an eye, that vital energy permeated his entire body and the Emperor’s wrinkled skin and aged flesh rapidly regained its youthful smoothness and firmness. Following that, his frame also started to gradually change.

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