Chapter 1174 - Impersonation (2)

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Chapter 1174: Impersonation (2)

This shocking scene happened right before the Sacred Dragon prince. His beloved father gradually morphed into the appearance of the Crown Prince.

This was all unbelievable!

The Sacred Dragon Emperor could not see the transformation of his own face, but the wrinkled skin on his hands had suddenly turned smooth and firm. He had also increased in height. The Sacred Dragon Emperor couldn’t help gasping at these marvelous changes.

“All right, look, Your Majesty.” Ji Fengyan grinned and pointed at a bronze mirror in the room.

In a daze, the Sacred Dragon Emperor walked to the mirror to look at his own reflection.

And this look…

Had him nearly crying out loud.

His… his face had turned into Long Xi’s likeness. How could that be!

Ji Fengyan smiled. “Is Your Majesty assured now? I can guarantee that with your current appearance, no one will discover you are an impersonator.”

The Sacred Dragon Emperor was dumbstruck. He just kept glancing between Ji Fengyan and his own reflection.

“Your Majesty can put on this outfit on the day of the banquet. The silk box contains the Crown Prince’s present for Lord Xing Hun. Just bring it along with you then.” Ji Fengyan beamed.

The Sacred Dragon Emperor gave a start before finally recollecting his senses. He hurriedly thanked Ji Fengyan and personally escorted her out of the room. He lifted his hand to touch his “brand new” face with disbelief.

But his skin still felt rough to the touch, dashing the Emperor’s dreams. Although he looked like Long Xi on the surface, the scars of age could still be felt.

“Father?” The Sacred Dragon prince had finally woken from his reverie. He felt an indescribable strangeness as he stared at his father, who now looked like Long Xi.

The Sacred Dragon Emperor took a deep breath. “I never knew the Crown Prince still cherished our ties of friendship, doing so much for us. I guess I must have wronged him earlier.” There had been no news from Long Xi for a period of time, and the Sacred Dragon Emperor was nearly jumping out of his skin in anxiety. If not because he was relying on the Crown Prince’s charity, he would have made a scene.

But Long Xi’s actions today had completely erased his prior concerns.

“Father, could this be a trap?” The Sacred Dragon prince had always been jealous of Long Xi. He just felt it was strange of Long Xi to make such a move.

But the Sacred Dragon Emperor refuted.

“What problem can there be? With Long Xi’s current status, why will he need to trick us? Long Xi is a smart man. I have been humble to him and he should know that by helping me get rid of this Ji Fengyan, I will definitely give him benefits.” The Sacred Dragon Emperor was in high spirits. He could not wait to attend Grand Tutor Xing Hun’s birthday banquet and report on Ji Fengyan’s crimes. He wanted to personally witness Ji Fengyan’s demise and the destruction of the Kingdom of Hua Xia.

The Sacred Dragon Emperor could barely hold his excitement at the thought of that. Meanwhile, the Sacred Dragon prince dared not speak another word as he saw the crazy look in his father’s eyes. He just remained by the side and gave his quiet assent.

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