Chapter 1175 - : Impersonation (3)

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Chapter 1175: Impersonation (3)

Ji Fengyan had just returned from the Sacred Dragon Emperor’s place to her own room when she saw Long Xi pacing uneasily in front of her door. A faint smile curled upon her lips.

“What is the Crown Prince worrying about? You look very unsettled.”

Long Xi looked up to see Ji Fengyan approaching and immediately went forward to meet her. “What exactly are you planning? The Sacred Dragon Emperor…”

Ji Fengyan raised her hand to interrupt him. “Does the Crown Prince still remember what I said before? As long as Xing Hun is not a fool, he would make use of his birthday banquet as an opportunity to get rid of you?”

Long Xi was slightly taken aback. He nodded.

“We had already predicted this threat, but there is no way you can avoid attending. If you refuse to attend Xing Hun’s birthday banquet, he will realize we know the truth. By then, he might harm your father and mother as well. That is why you have no choice but to attend the banquet, yet there is no way you can attend,” Ji Fengyan said.

Long Xi stared in astonishment at Ji Fengyan. Her last statement was obviously contradictory.

No choice but to attend, but no way he could attend?

know nothing”Don’t worry, I have already made arrangements for someone to assume your identity and attend the banquet in your place. This period, just pretend you don’t know anything.”

“Someone to assume my identity…” Long Xi mulled over Ji Fengyan’s words. He appeared to suddenly think of something. His eyes widened in suspicion and uncertainty at Ji Fengyan.

“You… are you planning to let the Sacred Dragon prince assume my identity to attend the Grand Tutor’s birthday banquet?”

He was about the same age as the Sacred Dragon prince and about the same size. He had personally witnessed Ji Fengyan’s skills at transformation. It would not be impossible to change the Sacred Dragon prince’s appearance to look like him, but…

“The Sacred Dragon Prince is too wish-washy. If we let him take my place, he would very quickly reveal the truth.” Long Xi frowned. He did not have a good impression of the Sacred Dragon prince. As a crown prince, he was completely ineffectual and as much as he looked like him, the Sacred Dragon prince would probably bungle up the impersonation.

But Ji Fengyan shook her head.

“Not the prince, but the Sacred Dragon Emperor.”

“What!!” Long Xi’s eyes nearly popped out of their sockets.

Ji Fengyan grinned. “The Sacred Dragon Emperor might be crafty, but after so many years as a ruler, he still has the heart and courage. He is desperate to report me to Xing Hun and will try his best to copy your mannerisms. Before Xing Hun makes his move, he will definitely not let anyone discover he is a fake.”

Ji Fengyan spoke the truth. Based on personality, the Sacred Dragon Emperor was more suitable, but…

“The Sacred Dragon Emperor’s age…” Long Xi was hesitant.

“You don’t have to worry about that. Since I dare to do something like that, I naturally have my ways.” Ji Fengyan was full of confidence.

Long Xi was not so optimistic. “Even if things happen as you say, the Sacred Dragon Emperor will never just sit still and wait for death when Xing Hun makes his move. He will definitely try his best to prove his own identity.”

A sinister smile played upon Ji Fengyan’s lips. She raised her eyebrows. “He might wish to prove it, but he needs to have the ability to do so.”

Wasn’t it the fervent wish of the Sacred Dragon Emperor to get near to Xing Hun?

Then she was just being a “good Samaritan” by “offering” him this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. However, whatever happened next was entirely out of her control.

Wasn’t it?

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