Chapter 1177 - The Grand Tutor’s Birthday Banquet (2)

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Chapter 1177: The Grand Tutor’s Birthday Banquet (2)

The most influential bigwigs from all over entered the Grand Tutor’s residence when the doors opened. They had been waiting outside a long time, but none of them showed the slightest hint of displeasure. Instead, they all held enormous smiles as they stepped into the residence.

Standing at the gate to welcome the guests, the Grand Tutor’s chamberlain smiled neutrally at everyone. Even the relatives of the royal family only received a slight nod of acknowledgment from him.

Instead, those high-ranking officials were all smiling and bowing, possessing none of their usual proud and arrogant demeanor. Every single one of them were as compliant as doves.

“The Crown Prince has arrived.” The chamberlain announced when he noticed the man in grand clothing approaching.

With that announcement, everyone in the residence instinctively turned around to look at the man.

They saw a well-dressed “Long Xi” walking in slowly and accompanied by a gorgeous young lady. He also held a rather large silk box. The beautiful girl beside “Long Xi” instantly attracted the attention of several people. Her striking good looks had many in the crowd stunned.

“Who is that young lady? Isn’t she lovely?”

“Never expected the Crown Prince to also be an appreciator of physical beauty.”

The crowd couldn’t help feeling rather curious. It should be pointed out that the crown prince had always behaved in a serious manner and displayed no signs of being a ladies’ man. Even after he moved out of the palace and out of the purview of the Sa Er Emperor, he had no female over at his residence. His servants were all clean-cut men, with only two or three normal-looking and well-mannered maids.

This kind of situation had many people suspecting if the crown prince had some secret fetish.

Otherwise, with his status and age, how could he lack for the company of women?

After so many years, a lady had now appeared by the crown prince’s side for the first time. And she possessed such ravishing looks. The crowd couldn’t help making all sorts of conjectures.

“Brother, you have come.” Long Yue instantly spotted “Long Xi” and went forth to welcome him with a smile.

“Long Xi” was momentarily stunned by that greeting. Ji Fengyan whispered. “This is the second prince of Sa Er, Long Yue.”

At that, “Long Xi” regained his composure and smiled in return at the approaching Long Yue.

“It is the Grand Tutor’s birthday, of course I must come.”

The words were spoken perfectly. But no one knew that this “Long Xi” was the Sacred Dragon Emperor in disguise. The Emperor had accepted Ji Fengyan’s suggestion and morphed into Long Xi’s appearance with help from her vital energy. He then put on the outfit and hurried over.

“It is good that brother could come. I heard from Grand Tutor that you endured a scolding by father a few days ago, and I was worried. But looking at you now, it should not have been too big a deal,” Long Yue said with a chuckle. He spoke as if he was truly worried about his brother.

The Sacred Dragon Emperor just grinned. He was completely clueless over what Long Yue just said, and could only pretend to maintain a profound silence. He was very scared that he would accidentally reveal his true identity if he spoke too much.

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