Chapter 1178 - The Grand Tutor’s Birthday Banquet (3)

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Chapter 1178: The Grand Tutor’s Birthday Banquet (3)

It was lucky Long Yue did not have the intention of chatting with the Sacred Dragon Emperor for long. After a few more superficial exchanges, he was dragged into another conversation by several officials.

Long Yue might be the pampered son of the Sa Er Emperor, but Long Xi was the rightful heir to the throne. There was no way to compare the two. However, on this very day of celebrations, Long Yue had become the focus of the crowd. On the other hand, “Long Xi” was left out in the cold. Now and then, a few people would call out a greeting, but showed no intention of going near him.

Ji Fengyan observed all that. She had accompanied the Sacred Dragon Emperor to the banquet to prevent him from exposing his identity too early, and to watch an excellent show.

Anyone could see that there was something peculiar about the situation with Long Yue and Long Xi. It was a pity that the Sacred Dragon Emperor was too nervous over his impersonation to notice this strange phenomenon. Instead, he was secretly relieved that he was not attracting too much attention.

While the crowd was hovering around Long Yue, the Sacred Dragon Emperor slunk to a quiet corner to hide. Ji Fengyan followed suit.

“Miss, what do you think of my performance just now? Will they notice anything strange?” The Sacred Dragon Emperor was still rather apprehensive. Although he was confident of his current appearance, he still felt a certain uneasiness.

There was no way he would walk out of here alive if they discovered him.

Ji Fengyan gave a light laugh as she watched the anxious Emperor. She said in a low voice, “Don’t worry, Your Majesty. You performed very well. The Crown Prince is the heir to the throne, and you are a true Emperor. That royal aura is not something any normal person could possess.”

Ji Fengyan’s praise lifted the Sacred Dragon Emperor’s spirits. He couldn’t help feeling that he indeed held an underlying aura that only a ruling monarch could have. The anxiety in his eyes lessened.

Ji Fengyan’s heart burst with glee as she watched him relax. Nevertheless, she maintained a calm expression.

“I must really thank the Crown Prince. If not for his help, I would never have gotten such a significant opportunity. The Crown Prince is willing to take such a big risk to help me, I will never forget the kindness shown by you two.” The Sacred Dragon Emperor took the chance to express his profound gratitude towards Ji Fengyan.

Ji Fengyan waved her hand. “No need to stand on such ceremony. The Crown Prince appreciates your thanks.”

You can thank all you want now. Don’t come crying later.

In high spirits, the Sacred Dragon Emperor discreetly stretched out his neck to await the appearance of Grand Tutor Xing Hun.

Most of the well-wishers have arrived and the entertainers have already started performing. Soothing music flowed through the night air, as slender dancers started dancing in the middle of the hall, surrounded by the crowd.

The Sacred Dragon Emperor was assigned to a seat on the right side of the main seat, which was reserved for birthday boy Xing Hun. Meanwhile, second prince Long Yue had been assigned to the seat on the left.

Ji Fengyan held no official rank and no special status, so she could only stand with the rest of the crowd in the main hall, watching the grand proceedings of the celebration.

The Sacred Dragon Emperor kept glancing nervously at Ji Fengyan now and then. His edginess attracted Long Yue’s attention.

“Who is brother looking at with such enchantment?”

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