Chapter 1179 - Currying Favor (1)

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Chapter 1179: Currying Favor (1)

The Sacred Dragon Emperor panicked and immediately sat down. He pretended to stay calm and shook his head.

But Long Yue smiled faintly, and he lifted his eyes to look toward the Sacred Dragon Emperor. In the corner, he found Ji Fengyan standing there. His eyes flashed with a moment of surprise, but his face did not show it.

Previously, he had ordered his men to investigate this woman’s background. However, what surprised him was that it was as if this woman had appeared out of nowhere. Countless men under him had tried to dig up information for many days, yet they could not find out where this woman had come from.

Long Yue was not interested in the beautiful woman. It was rather the sky-high prices that Ji Fengyan had offered at the Xinyue Auction House that made him notice her.

Not even Long Xi, even he himself also could not come up with such an outrageous amount of bid.

Long Yue was very certain that the Nine Revolutions Soul Return Elixir was something that Long Xi wanted, but he definitely could not come up with such a huge sum of money. The only reason the woman had offered such a high bid was probably to give it to Long Xi.

Long Yue was indeed envious that she had such strong financial capabilities for her to easily bid thousands and ten thousands of gold.

Even though this woman was wearing plain clothes, but Long Yue could tell with one look that the clothes she was wearing were made of high quality material. This material was expensive and compared to gold, only a few people in a prosperous kingdom like Sa Er could own it.

Besides the Sa Er Emperor, who had two or three pieces of this type of clothing, Long Yue never saw anyone else who wore clothes made from the same material.

Regardless of the sky high bid, or the undistinguished expensive clothes, they all showed the financial capabilities of the woman before him.

However, for a person with such a shockingly great financial capability, it was completely impossible to discover her background. Just this alone sufficed to make Long Yue very curious about her.

While Long Yue was pondering, the Grand Tutor Xing Hun had already walked slowly into the main hall. The noble aura that was exuded in front of everyone instantly made the noisy crowd become silent. Everyone had a reverent look and sat in a well-behaved manner at their original seats.

Xing Hun slowly sat down and his actions were so imposing that no one was his match.

The Sacred Dragon Emperor was a little surprised when he saw Xing Hun. When he glanced at Xing Hun and realised that he looked similar to Xing Lou, it filled Xing Hun with some complicated emotions.

Ever since the battle at Hua Xia, Xing Lou had disappeared without a trace and the news about Xing Lou joining the battle in the middle had already been brought back by the soldiers sent back. However, now the Sacred Dragon Emperor could not even find Xing Lou and did not even have the chance to ask even if he wanted to know.

“Today, everyone is here to send me birthday blessings and it is my honour. If I have been lacking in my hosting, please forgive me.” As Xing Hun’s voice slowly sounded, how would anyone present dare to show their displeasure? All of them put on a smiling face and had even almost wanted to cozy up to Xing Hun.

Xing Hun said nothing else and only announced the start of the banquet. As delicacies and wine were served before everyone, and they all congratulated Xing Hun, the scene was as majestic as the kingdom’s grand event.

After three rounds of drinks, Long Yue suddenly stood up and walked past everyone to Ji Fengyan, who was standing in the corner with other servants.

“You have not told me your name. Or would you like me to call you Sister-in-law?” Long Yue carried his wine cup and walked to Ji Fengyan’s side.

Seeing the Second Prince approach, the other servants were all nervous and all of them stepped back in fear and shock.

Ji Fengyan raised her brows at Long Yue, and her eyes flashed with a smile.

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