Chapter 1180 - Currying Favor (2)

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Chapter 1180: Currying Favor (2)

Ji Fengyan raised her brows at Long Yue, and her eyes flashed with a smile.

It would seem that…

Things had become interesting?

“Don’t joke around with me, Second Prince. The Eldest Prince and I only have a simple master-servant relationship,” Ji Fengyan said with no emotions.

But Long Yue laughed softly and replied, “Miss, you’re beautiful, so why do you have to be so humble? With your looks, I don’t think there are many people who could be compared to you, moreover…”

Long Yue sized up Ji Fengyan, “Miss can easily spend thousands of gold. With such generous spending, how many people could beat you?”

Ji Fengyan originally thought that Long Yue was only trying to get information out of her but after he said this, she could sense his scheme and she immediately decided to not take any actions and said with a smile, “Why do I not understand Second Prince’s words?”

Long Yue took a sip of hard liquor. “That day, weren’t you the one who had won the bid for Nine Revolutions Soul Return Elixir at the Xinyue Auction House? I can still recognise Miss’s voice. Since the item has already ended up with my brother, I will definitely not snatch it from him. However, I am curious—given Miss’s exceptional looks, why would you stay by my brother’s side with no status? Are you aiming for the position of the future Queen?”

Ji Fengyan only smiled and did not respond.

But Long Yue did not give in. “Given Miss’s response, I also don’t believe this is the case. What is Miss actually after? Maybe I can also give what my brother can give you?”

Ji Fengyan raised her brows at Long Yue.

“What Second Prince had said is really interesting.”

“Is it? I am merely curious,” Long Yue smiled slightly and said.

“My brother is the next in line to the throne of Sa Er, but if he does not have this title one day… would he be able to fulfill Miss’s wishes?”

Long Xi was no fool. He could tell that Ji Fengyan and Long Xi had no romantic feelings for each other. Ji Fengyan seemed to not be concerned about the title of Queen. If not because of sexual attraction, then there must be another reason for Ji Fengyan to remain by Long Xi’s side.

Since she had a motive, there was a possibility of him convincing her to work for him instead.

After all…

The money in her hands was considerably enticing.

Ji Fengyan also noticed Long Yue’s intention to win her over, but she was smart enough to not have an extreme reaction and pretended to be normal. Even though there was an unexpected situation in this show, she still had to continue acting.

Just when Ji Fengyan and Long Yue were conversing, the Sacred Dragon Emperor had already started to become anxious and had wanted to talk to Xing Hun multiple times. However, he was ignored by Xing Hun and while he was panicking about how to start a conversation, a guard entered the banquet in a hurry and knelt in front of Xing Hun before everyone.

“Reporting to Grand Tutor, we found a strange person outside the main gate just now. We suspect that he has ill intentions, so we have captured him instantly.”

The guard’s words made the conversations at the banquet stop immediately.

There was someone who actually dared to behave suspiciously outside the Grand Tutor’s residence?

Xing Hun had no expression on his face. “Bring the person in.”


Within a short while, a pathetic-looking middle-aged man was pinned to the ground at the banquet by the Grand Tutor’s guards.

Ji Fengyan, who was standing in the corner, after seeing the middle-aged man who was captured, had a cold gaze.

Indeed, the Grand Tutor was about to take actions!

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