Chapter 1181 - A Plot (1)

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Chapter 1181: A Plot (1)

The man that the guards dragged over, looked nervous. When he was forced to kneel in front of the crowd, large drops of sweat soaked his back. He quivered as he knelt on the ground, shivering like a frightened quail.

This man looked very ordinary. In a crowd, no one would give him a second look. However, a black mole right in the center of his chin was very attention grabbing. It was also because of this mole that Ji Fengyan recognized him.

This was a servant in Long Xi’s residence. Ji Fengyan had previously seen him a couple of times in Long Xi’s residence, but had not paid him any attention.

Now, this man had mysteriously appeared in Xing Hun’s residence, and his movements were furtive…

Ji Fengyan narrowed her eyes. She maintained her composure and watched the interesting show that was about to unfold before her eyes.

From the moment the middle-aged man had been dragged forward, Long Yue’s eyes had been glued to Ji Fengyan’s face. It was as if he was looking for some clue from Ji Fengyan’s reaction. Unfortunately, Ji Fengyan did not react at all.

Xing Hun was at the banquet, and he frowned when he saw the middle-aged man that had been dragged forward. The guard at the side had already advanced. He walked in front of the middle-aged man, drew his heavy sword and placed the tip of his sword on the man’s brow.

“Who are you? How dare you lurk outside the Grand Tutor’s residence? What are your intentions?”

The man was already terrified by what he saw. His gaze swept past the crowd in a panic. Suddenly, his agitated gaze fell on “Long Xi”, who was sitting next to Xing Hun.

The Sacred Dragon Emperor, who was posing as Long Xi, was about to find a chance to speak to Xing Hun, but had not expected something like that to happen. He was already feeling rather unhappy, but suddenly realized that the middle-aged man kneeling in the center of the main hall was looking at him pleadingly. The Sacred Dragon Emperor’s heart thumped, and an ominous feeling suddenly surfaced in his heart.

“Still refusing to answer? Do you really want to be tortured?” The guard from the Grand Tutor’s residence shouted coldly. His hand exerted a slight force, and the tip of his sword pierced the skin of the man’s brow. A trace of crimson blood trickled from the wound.

The feeling of warmth and the piercing pain in his brow caused the man to panic. He shuddered even more violently. His face was ashen as he cried out to the bewildered Sacred Dragon Emperor, “Crown prince, save me, save me!”

The crowd was still waiting for the results of the interrogation, but no one expected the middle-aged man who had been captured to directly ask the crown prince, Long Xi, for help. Now… Everyone’s expressions grew strange.

Was this man actually asking the crown prince for help?

What was his relationship with the crown prince?

This man’s cry for help stunned the Sacred Dragon Emperor. His eyes bulged involuntarily. He was completely in the dark as to what was going on!

Who was this man? What was he up to?

The Sacred Dragon Emperor’s heart thumped even harder. Many years of suspicions made the uneasiness in his heart rise to a peak. He wanted to say something, but did not dare to say too much. Right now, he was using Long Xi’s status to participate in the birthday banquet, and was totally ignorant of the background of this man who had been dragged forward. If this person was part of Long Xi’s arrangements, and he spoke out of turn, even the slightest slip would reveal his status. At that point, he would die without even knowing how he had died!

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