Chapter 1182 - A Plot (2)

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Chapter 1182: A Plot (2)

The middle-aged man was still wailing for the Sacred Dragon Emperor to save him. Everyone’s gaze was now concentrated on the Sacred Dragon Emperor, as if speculating on the relationship between this man and the Sacred Dragon Emperor.

Drops of cold sweat fell from the Sacred Dragon Emperor’s brow. He involuntarily glanced at the Grand Tutor, Xing Hun, but realized that Xing Hun was staring at him with a thought-provoking expression. He was immediately even more frightened.

He was just thinking of trying to explain matters when Xing Hun turned his gaze to the middle-aged man kneeling before him.

“Who are you? If you continue to make so much noise, I will have no choice but to ask someone to extract a confession by torture.” Xing Hun’s voice was as cold as ice and when the crowd heard it, seemed to be filled with dignity.

The middle-aged man had begged the Sacred Dragon Emperor for a long time without receiving any response. As if he had given up, he collapsed onto the ground. He looked at the sharp-eyed Xing Hun with a pale face, and quiveringly spoke. “I… I am a servant in the crown prince’s residence.”

“A servant in the crown prince’s residence?” Xing Hun frowned slightly.

The man seemed to be terrified. He scrambled to kneel on the ground and kowtowed continually to Xing Hun. “Please, Grand Tutor, spare my life. Grand Tutor, spare my life. I know nothing. I was only following the crown prince’s instructions to wait outside the door. I… I have done nothing.”

With those words, they could hear a collective gasp from the birthday banquet!

The crown prince had actually ordered someone to wait outside the Grand Tutor’s residence. What was he planning to do?

One should know that once the birthday banquet started, the main door to the Grand Tutor’s residence would be shut, and they allowed no one to enter. Even if the crown prince had ordered someone to wait for him, he should not be furtively prowling around outside the entrance.

Various suspicions arose in everyone’s heart. They directed the looks at the Sacred Dragon Emperor became increasingly speculative.

The Sacred Dragon Emperor was completely bewildered, but when the man finished speaking, he became agitated again.

Could it be that Long Xi was afraid something would happen to him and had specially arranged for someone to wait outside to assist him?

When he thought of that, the Sacred Dragon Emperor’s heart steadied a little. But when he saw the situation before him, he felt very irritated. He was terrified that this man was someone that Long Xi had sent to assist him, and if Xing Hun continued to interrogate him, the man would reveal his status. Would that not be the greatest misfortune?

The more the Sacred Dragon Emperor thought about it, the more terrified he became. He had not intended to speak, but now, to prevent his status from being revealed, he could only brace himself and say to Xing Hun, “Lord Grand Tutor, I am afraid there has been some misunderstanding. It is true that this man is from my residence. I ordered him to wait for me at the entrance, but had not expected him to offend the Grand Tutor. Please, Grand Tutor, pardon him.”

Xing Hun glanced at the Sacred Dragon Emperor and said expressionlessly, “So this person is here by the crown prince’s arrangement.”

“Yes, yes, yes…” The Sacred Dragon Emperor was so frightened he broke out in cold sweat. As he met Xing Hun’s gaze, his heart was in his mouth.

Xing Hun glanced away and said, “Since it is a misunderstanding, release the man.”

The Sacred Dragon Emperor secretly heaved a sigh of relief. But before he had even completed the sigh, the guard who had caught the middle-aged man suddenly said, “Lord Grand Tutor, this man’s movements are suspicious. When we caught him, he was squatting at a corner of the wall and we noticed that he was stuffing something into a crack in the corner.”

As he spoke, the guard presented a palm-sized object that was wrapped in yellow paper, to Xing Hun.

Now everyone was stunned. The Sacred Dragon Emperor widened his eyes in disbelief. This development was wholly unexpected.

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