Chapter 1183 - A Plot (3)

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Chapter 1183: A Plot (3)

Xing Hun frowned, took the paper package, and immediately opened it.

The paper package was filled with a white powder. The moment they opened the paper package, a faint bitter taste spread through the birthday banquet.

The bitterness irritated the surrounding ministers, and frowned slightly.

Xing Hun’s eyes narrowed. He swept a glance at the Sacred Dragon Emperor. The Sacred Dragon Emperor’s entire body had stiffened. He opened his mouth, but was so stunned, he could not force out even half a word.

“Find someone to take a look at this.” Xing Hun spoke gravely.

The physician in the Grand Tutor’s residence was immediately summoned. He investigated the source of the powder before the crowd.

At that moment, when everyone’s attention was fixed on the scene before them, the Sacred Dragon Emperor’s heart was thumping wildly.

After a moment, the physician backed away a little and said to the Grand Tutor, “Reporting to the Grand Tutor, this is Ling Powder.”

“Ling Powder?” Xing Hun was rather puzzled.

The physician said, “Ling Powder is an ingredient of Extinguishing Medicine, and itself contains a deadly poison.”

With these words, it threw the entire birthday banquet into an uproar.

People were unfamiliar with the name Ling Powder, but were extremely familiar with the Extinguishing Medicine. The Extinguishing Medicine was a highly poisonous medicine. They usually used it on offenders who had been sentenced to death for committing some major crime. This medicine was colorless and tasteless. Even the most powerful elite fighters could not withstand its drastic toxic effects. Because of the viciousness of the Extinguishing Medicine, the various countries strictly controlled it. Ordinary people could not possibly concoct it. All the Extinguishing Medicines were controlled by the countries and used to execute offenders who had been sentenced to death.

As an ingredient used in concocting the Extinguishing Medicine, one could imagine the toxicity of the Ling Powder.

The news that someone from the crown prince’s residence had been trying to stuff the highly poisonous Ling Powder into the Grand Tutor’s residence meant that the situation was not as simple as it looked.

When the middle-aged man who had been captured saw that the Ling Powder had been identified, his expression became utterly wretched. Without waiting for Xing Hun to interrogate him, he immediately kowtowed and pleaded for mercy. “Grand Tutor, spare my life! Lord Grand Tutor, spare my life! This was given to me by the crown prince. The crown prince ordered me to stuff this into the corner of the wall after the birthday banquet commenced. I did not know what it contained. Please, Lord Grand Tutor, spare my life! I really know nothing.”

As the man pleaded for his life, his every word was heart-rending. As he shouted and yelled, he revealed even more news.

Everyone at the birthday banquet instantly directed their gaze to the ashen Sacred Dragon Emperor.

What was the crown prince’s intention when he ordered someone from his residence to stuff this poison into the Grand Tutor’s residence?

At that moment, the Sacred Dragon Emperor felt his brain explode. He did not know how events had taken this turn.

He could have originally clarified the relationship between himself and the middle-aged man, but he had been afraid to reveal his identity. So he had publicly said that he had sent this man. Now, no matter what he said, he could never clear himself!

Xing Hun’s expression grew even uglier. He looked at the guard and said, “Since there has been an attempt to stuff this thing into my residence, then there must be someone in the residence to receive it. Investigate! Find me that traitor!”

At Xing Hun’s command, the guards in the residence immediately sprang into action.

The Sacred Dragon Emperor’s expression was extremely ugly. He wanted to say something, but the moment his eyes met Xing Hun’s eyes, his voice seemed to stick in his throat.

“What an unexpected development.” Long Yue stood next to Ji Fengyan and looked at the chaos before him with a half smile.

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