Chapter 1184 - A Plot (4)

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Chapter 1184: A Plot (4)

Ji Fengyan raised her eyes slightly, and her glance swept past Long Yue.

Long Yue laughed softly and said, “How unexpected, that my royal brother would do something so silly. What do you say… what was my royal brother’s intention in ordering his man to send this Ling Powder into the Grand Tutor’s residence?”

A trace of nervousness showed on Ji Fengyan’s face, but in her heart, she was already laughing coldly.

What intentions?

That would depend on the extent to which Xing Hun intended to crush Long Xi.

As expected, Xing Hun had acted against Long Xi on the day of his birthday banquet. Just that Xing Hun was unaware that at that moment, the person sweating profusely next to him, was not the Long Xi he intended to get rid of.


Ji Fengyan was not prepared to tell anyone these things. Since Xing Hun wanted to put on an act, she was happy to watch the show.


The corner of Ji Fengyan’s gaze inadvertently swept across Long Yue’s probing face. She was originally prepared to finish watching the show, then leave quietly. But now, it looked as if Long Yue intended to curry favor with her. Since that was the case, she naturally did not mind meeting him in the middle.

They wanted to entice a wolf to enter the house. Why should she not go with the flow?

At that moment, Ji Fengyan still showed the expected nervousness.

Long Yue saw her trace of nervousness and was naturally very content.

The guards in the Grand Tutor’s residence bustled around in their search and looked through every nook and cranny of the Grand Tutor’s residence. They finally found a suspicious-looking chef in the back kitchen.

This chef was the head chef of the most famous restaurant in the capital. His cooking was excellent. For the Grand Tutor’s birthday banquet, he had specially sought this chef to cook for the banquet guests.

The chef was trussed up and dragged to the birthday banquet. His fat face was filled with terror and panic.

“Reporting to the Grand Tutor. This man in the back kitchen looked suspicious. When we caught him, he was just preparing to put this thing into the food for the guests.” As he spoke, the guard placed a small bottle in front of Xing Hun.

The physician who had already been waiting at the side immediately went forward to investigate. As expected, the bottle contained Ling Powder!

The Ling Powder sent by the servant from the crown prince’s residence was added to everyone’s food by the back kitchen. Now, everyone at the birthday banquet went crazy.

Xing Hun’s expression immediately grew grave. He ordered the physician to check all the food on the guests’ tables to see if it contained Ling Powder. The crowd was dying to put some distance between themselves and the seemingly delectable food. They all stared, hoping that the results of the investigation would be quick.

After a round of investigation, they found none of the food that had been served to contain any trace of Ling Powder. This made everyone heave a sigh of relief.

But the matter at hand was far from being concluded.

The chef had been trussed up and interrogated. When he saw that the truth was out, he hurriedly kowtowed and begged for his life. He blurted out his part in the matter.

It turned out that the chef had earlier been contacted by the crown prince, Long Xi. Long Xi had somehow gotten wind that this man would be going to the Grand Tutor’s Residence to prepare the birthday banquet. A few days ago, Long Xi had given him a huge pile of gold and ordered him to coordinate with his servant to add the Ling Powder to the food for the birthday banquet.

Once this news leaked out, everyone at the birthday banquet widened their eyes in disbelief.

There had always been rumors that the crown prince did not get along with the Grand Tutor. But no one had imagined that the crown prince would hate the Grand Tutor so much, that he would dare to poison the birthday banquet!

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