Chapter 1185 - You Reap What You Sow (1)

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Chapter 1185: You Reap What You Sow (1)

Even more scary was that not only Grand Tutor Xing Hun would have been affected by the poisoning, all the other guests would have been collateral.

It was at this moment that everyone realized that since the start of the banquet, crown prince “Long Xi” had not eaten anything. He had not even taken a sip of water.

They had thought little of it before, but that fact now made everyone go on high alert.

The crown prince hadn’t been eating as he already knew there could be poison in the food!

How deep his hatred ran!

The crowd was already shocked out of their wits because the crown prince had poisoned the food. Even more appalling to them was the apparent target of his atrocious act.

One was the heir to the throne, the other was a much-revered Grand Tutor. The status of these two was comparable.

The Sacred Dragon Emperor was already limb from shock by the situation before him. He never expected for something like that to happen today. The servants and cooks all pointed to the crown prince as the perpetrator. And the Sacred Dragon Emperor, who was now carrying the name of the crown prince, was speechless.

At this moment, the Sacred Dragon Emperor no longer cared if they would reveal his real identity. He was also an Emperor and he knew the heavy consequences of an attempted murder on a Grand Tutor.

Even an Emperor could not do any harm to a Grand Tutor, not to mention Long Xi was just a prince!

He was down on his luck!

Not only would he not be able to maintain his false identity as Long Xi, he would probably die here.

This time, the Sacred Dragon Emperor was truly scared. He had really thought Long Xi was being kind in offering a chance to get close to Xing Hun. He never expected it was just a trap.

If people thought he was really Long Xi, it would be a certain death sentence for him.

Desperate, the Sacred Dragon suddenly sat up. He was eager to explain himself to Xing Hun and reveal his true identity.

At the same time, Ji Fengyan, who was standing in a corner, curled her finger.

Suddenly, a searing pain spread throughout the Sacred Dragon Emperor’s throat, cutting off any words he had intended to say.

Under the intense pain, the Sacred Dragon Emperor jerked in panic and flipped over the table before him.

A huge crashing noise reverberated in the silent hall.

“Protect the Grand Tutor!” The guards immediately hurried forward to shield Xing Hun when they noticed the Sacred Dragon Emperor’s behavior. They surrounded the Sacred Dragon Emperor and pointed their swords at him.

The Emperor completely could not speak. He clutched at his own throat and stared in fear and rage at everything before him.

It’s all over. He was truly finished!

The surrounding officials all stood up in a panic. They stared guardedly at the surrounded Sacred Dragon Emperor.

Attempted murder of the Grand Tutor was a major crime. It would be a death sentence even for the crown prince!

Further, “Long Xi” would have poisoned all the officials tonight in his bid to murder the Grand Tutor. Just this point alone had sufficed to bury him.

The Sacred Dragon Emperor was sequestered and he searched desperately among the crowd, as if trying to seek out Ji Fengyan. However, his line of sight was blocked by the flurry of people surrounding him. He clutched his throat with one hand, while anxiously gesturing at Xing Hun with the other, as if he was trying to explain everything.

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