Chapter 1186 - You Reap What You Sow (2)

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Chapter 1186: You Reap What You Sow (2)

Unfortunately, Xing Hun had no intention of allowing him time to “explain”.

“Long Xi has broken his allegiance and plotted to murder the Grand Tutor. Bring him to the dungeons. We will determine what to do after I report this to His Majesty.”

No one objected to Xing Hun’s statement.

Long Xi had always been highly regarded by the people, and many would have stood up for him even over such a grave matter. However, the Sa Er Emperor had recently expressed his displeasure at Long Xi. Coupled with today’s incident—where he tried to murder the Grand Tutor, and would have killed them all together—no one was willing to speak up for Long Xi anymore.

The Sacred Dragon Emperor kept struggling as he was detained by the Grand Tutor’s guards, but to no avail.

Xing Hun looked completely unaffected, even after such a ruckus. Frowning slightly, he made some reassuring statements to the congregation before announcing that the banquet would end early.

The guests had all endured a major fright by the crime committed by the Crown Prince. They naturally had no intention of lingering and left in a hurry.

Ji Fengyan watched the crowd leave and pretended to follow suit. But just as she turned around, Long Yue stood in her way.

“Miss, you came with my brother today. Now that he has committed such a serious offense, I am afraid we cannot let you go?” Long Yue blocked Ji Fengyan with a laugh.

Ji Fengyan frowned.

At that moment, Grand Tutor Xing Hun suddenly came over.

Long Yue obediently took a step back when he noticed Xing Hun’s approach.

Xing Hun surveyed Ji Fengyan with cold, sharp eyes.

“Accomplice?” Xing Hun asked with a chilly voice.

Ji Fengyan remained passive as she looked at Xing Hun. “I am afraid Grand Tutor will not believe me even if I say no?”

“I must investigate first.”

Ji Fengyan took a deep breath. “There is no need for a Grand Tutor to investigate. I am not in any way related to the Crown Prince. I had just planned to seek help from the Kingdom of Sa Er, why would I participate in such a matter. Moreover, if I had known something like that would happen today, why would I dare to appear at Grand Tutor’s residence?”

Xing Hun didn’t react, but merriment flashed across Long Yue’s eyes. It was obvious that Long Xi’s downfall had alerted Ji Fengyan that something was wrong.

Long Yue and Xing Hun exchanged a discreet look. They planned the entire situation, so Ji Fengyan was obviously innocent. However… they did not intend to let her go so easily. After all, she possessed an immensely attractive financial power.

“Seek help? What kind of help?” Xing Hun asked calmly.

Ji Fengyan frowned, as if struggling with some dilemma. However, after a short while, she appeared to have made some sort of decision. She suddenly pulled open her collar and revealed the World-Termination-Armour mark on her neck.

Astonishment flashed across the faces of Xing Hun and Long Yue.

This girl before them was a Terminator!

Ji Fengyan continued. “To be honest, I was hoping the Crown Prince would help me speak with the Divine Temple, to resolve my dangerous situation.”

“What situation?” Xing Hun asked in a cold voice.

At that, Ji Fengyan disclosed her identity and narrated the entire story between herself and the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon.

Xing Hun’s face grew increasingly incredulous as she spoke. Long Yue had also widened his eyes in disbelief.

“You are Ji Fengyan?!”

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