Chapter 1187 - Profitable (1)

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Chapter 1187: Profitable (1)

When the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon had issued the warrant for Ji Fengyan’s arrest throughout the nations, the Kingdom of Sa Er also received them. One notice had been delivered to Xing Hun’s residence, and Long Yue had seen it. He still had some recollection of the details.

It could be said that the Ji Fengyan described in the warrant was an utterly despicable villain who had broken the rules governing Terminators. Not only the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon—the Divine Temple would also never tolerate such a traitorous Terminator.

Xing Hun frowned almost imperceptibly after knowing of Ji Fengyan’s identity, but he quickly regained his usual composure.

“You wanted to seek help from my brother to help you resolve your situation? Against the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon?” Long Yue asked after a quick glance at Xing Hun, who did not offer any particular reaction.

Ji Fengyan shook her head. “Of course not. Since I dared to fall out with the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon, I do not fear what they will do to me. What I am most concerned about is the Divine Temple…”

Ji Fengyan’s words stunned Long Yue. She was totally not afraid of the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon, but was instead worried about the Divine Temple. Just this point alone showed that Ji Fengyan was more clear-headed than most of the other Terminators.

People thought that Terminators belonged to the individual kingdoms, but the truth was that Terminators were under the purview of the Divine Temple.

All Terminators could be traced back to the Divine Temple, while the Grand Tutors in each kingdom were the key to controlling those Terminators. The Grand Tutors’ authority over all matters concerning Terminators far surpassed that of the Emperors.

“I fell out with the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon and broke the Terminator rules set down by the Divine Temple. But as confident as I am, I also know it is not practical to go against the Divine Temple. That is why I risked coming to the Kingdom of Sa Er, to make use of the Crown Prince to get close to the Grand Tutor. I hoped Grand Tutor would help speak up for me in front of the Divine Temple,” Ji Fengyan spoke without expression. Her explanation was impeccable and had no loopholes.

Xing Hun narrowed his eyes slightly as he observed the young girl before him. Ji Fengyan looked totally different from the image on the warrant. But he was not concerned about that as he knew there were elixirs that could change one’s appearance. Pursued by the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon, Ji Fengyan would have no choice but to disguise herself.

Ji Fengyan’s crime was something the Divine Temple would never tolerate. However, the Divine Temple had not been paying much attention to the Terminators of the various kingdoms as they were busy with another scheme.

There was nothing incongruous about Ji Fengyan’s narration of the entire story, and Xing Hun and Long Yue were slightly convinced.

Long Yue and Xing Hun exchanged a look before saying, “We will not discuss your situation for now. We must settle today’s incident first. However, I am afraid we cannot let you leave the Grand Tutor’s residence. If Miss Ji trusts me, please wait here for the time being.”

Xing Hun didn’t immediately detain Ji Fengyan for breaking the Terminator rules, as he felt that she could be used as valuable leverage. He still needed some time to negotiate the situation.

Ji Fengyan understood his motives and assented with a smile.

Xing Hun and Long Yue made their excuses to leave and also arranged for a room for Ji Fengyan to retire to.

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