Chapter 1188 - Profitable (2)

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Chapter 1188: Profitable (2)

Xing Hun led Long Yue to his own room and closed the door to discuss tonight’s matter.

“Long Xi is doomed this time. There were so many witnesses. However, I never expected him to be so stupid—admitting to having arranged for his own servant to come over here for no reason. This saved us a lot of explaining.” Long Yue felt like laughing every time he recalled Long Xi’s expression when he saw his own servant appear.

They had already secretly bribed that person to frame Long Xi, and even made the preparations to produce evidence linking that man to Long Xi, should Long Xi refuse to acknowledge it.

But Long Xi had conceded, and they didn’t even need to carry out the second part of their plan.

Xing Hun remained expressionless and said in a cold voice, “As we planned, Long Xi can never rise again. Now, I am more concerned over that Ji Fengyan.”

When Xing Hun first heard about Ji Fengyan from Long Yue, he had been interested in her as a source of wealth. He never expected her to be a defected Terminator.

“Ji Fengyan’s actions are in violation of the Divine Temple’s rules, but…” Long Yue stroked his chin thoughtfully. “The Divine Temple’s next move requires a lot of monetary support. We had planned to take over the other nations and pool together their resources. But as far as I know, the economies of the various kingdoms have not been to good in recent years. Even if we combined all their financial reserves, it might still not be enough. Ji Fengyan has a rather complicated background, but her ability to throw money around recklessly is real. I estimate that she must have quite a bit of gold on hand. If we can rope her in for the time being, we can resolve our issue.”

Xing Hun frowned. He was well aware of everything Long Yue mentioned. However, Ji Fengyan’s status was a sensitive matter, and her situation a very unusual one.

Long Yue noticed Xing Hun hesitation and continued. “My lord, why don’t we make use of her for the time being? She said herself that she is very scared of the Divine Temple’s power. We can arrest her for violating the rules after we drain her financial resources. In this way, we can resolve our most pressing issue, as well as protect the Divine Temple’s image. What do you think?”

A Terminator who violated the rules of the Divine Temple must die. But Ji Fengyan was useful to them for now.

Xing Hun pondered a while longer before nodding.

“However, we cannot trust Ji Fengyan’s words. We cannot be certain what is her actual relationship with Long Xi…” Xing Lou paused as an evil glint flashed across his eyes. “Bring her to meet Long Xi. I will write to the Divine Temple. If I am not wrong, Xing Lou should have returned to the Divine Temple by now. He was formerly assigned to the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon and will have a better understanding of Ji Fengyan’s circumstances.”

“Yes.” Long Yue immediately departed after receiving his order. He went to look for Ji Fengyan.

Ji Fengyan could already guess what was happening when she saw Long Yue’s approach. However, her expression remained the same.

Long Yue grinned at her. “Miss Ji, the Grand Tutor and I have discussed your situation. The crimes you committed at the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon are indeed unforgivable in the eyes of the Divine Temple, but…”

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