Chapter 1189 - Profitable (3)

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Chapter 1189: Profitable (3)

Long Yue changed his tune and continued. “The Divine Temple is not unreasonable. They are looking for talents now, and if you show enough sincerity, I believe the Grand Tutor will be happy to speak up for you.”

“Sincerity?” Ji Fengyan raised her brows slightly.

Long Yue chuckled. “Miss Ji was willing to lay down so much money for my brother to buy the Nine Revolutions Soul Return Elixir. So, how much sincerity can you fork out for the Grand Tutor, who can help you soothe things over with the Divine Temple?”

The underlying meaning behind Long Yue’s words were very clear.

He wanted to see how much money was Ji Fengyan willing to lay out to settle things with the Divine Temple.

Ji Fengyan was quietly laughing on the inside. Long Yue’s revelation was rather interesting to her. The Divine Temple was highly revered and sacrosanct in the eyes of everyone. She never expected that… they were still tied down by monetary issues.

And in terms of gold… no one else in this world had more of it than Ji Fengyan.

“If you are talking about gold, I can provide any amount you need.” Ji Fengyan lifted her chin confidently.

Her arrogant claim stunned Long Yue.

She could provide any amount they needed?

She must be exaggerating!

Long Yue didn’t believe her entirely and continued to probe. “Miss Ji has made such a grand claim.”

Ji Fengyan raised her brows. “After I left the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon, I fled to the Free Valley and have become a queen there. If the second prince doesn’t believe me, I can write you an official letter of recommendation, and you can send your men down to the Free Valley with it. They can then check if what I said is true.”

“Become a queen?” Long Yue was really shocked by Ji Fengyan’s words now. He thought she was a homeless fugitive, not realizing she had been so audacious as to build her own kingdom, instead of hiding.

But come to think of it, it made sense now why Ji Fengyan was so desperate for Long Xi to help her settle things with the Divine Temple. After all, no matter how much one tried to keep things a secret, the establishment of a kingdom would eventually be known. By then, Ji Fengyan could no longer hide her identity, and the Divine Temple would never let her off that easily.

It would be better to take the first step to settle things with the Divine Temple first.

However, Long Yue still held a few lingering doubts over Ji Fengyan’s words. He had Ji Fengyan provide a letter of recommendation and chose a reliable subordinate to travel to the Free Valley to investigate the situation.

After settling that, Long Yue didn’t forget Xing Hun’s earlier instructions. If Ji Fengyan’s story was true, her usefulness had just escalated. But before that, they must ascertain if Ji Fengyan was sincere about turning herself in.

“Miss Ji, you and my brother had some kind of cooperation. Now that we have imprisoned him, why don’t you come with me to visit him?” Long Yue grinned.

Ji Fengyan nodded, with no sign of reluctance.

Long Yue led Ji Fengyan to the dungeons where the Sacred Dragon Emperor was being detained.

About five to six guards were protecting the entrance to the dungeons. They immediately opened the gates when they saw Long Yue approaching.

After traveling a few dozen meters in the dark underground prison, Ji Fengyan finally saw a cell containing only one inmate.

The Sacred Dragon Emperor, still dressed in grand clothing, was bound by four iron chains to the cold wall!

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