Chapter 1190 - A Guaranteed Death Sentence (1)

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Chapter 1190: A Guaranteed Death Sentence (1)

The Sacred Dragon Emperor promptly raised his head when he heard someone approaching. The moment he noticed Ji Fengyan beside Long Yue, his eyes filled with shock and he instinctively struggled against his restraints. He tried to pounce forward with a howl, as if wanting to grasp at his ultimate chance of survival. However, his four limbs remained bound by the chains, cutting off his only lifeline.

He looked like he wanted to say something but only emitted raspy howls.

A flash of self-satisfaction flashed across Long Yue’s eyes as he observed the crazed Sacred Dragon Emperor. He took a small step back as if disdainful of the stench from the cell.

“Brother, I never expected you to do something so preposterous. You never got along well with the Grand Tutor, but to try to poison him at his birthday banquet was one step too far. If the guards did not discover it in time, those officials would have also fallen victim to your poisoning.”

The Sacred Dragon Emperor was desperately shaking his head. He wanted to explain himself but failed to utter a single word. Abruptly, he realized something was wrong and kept gesturing frantically at Ji Fengyan, making garbled sounds as he did.

To Long Yue, it looked like the Sacred Dragon Emperor was berating Ji Fengyan, and this was the result he was seeking.

“Brother, Miss Ji has finally seen your true face today, and will no longer associate herself with you. Stop insisting on clinging onto her.” Long Yue spoke provokingly.

The word stunned the Sacred Dragon Emperor “Ji”. He was now averse to that surname because of Ji Fengyan. He had encountered this young lady several times at Long Xi’s residence, but never found out what her name was.

The Sacred Dragon Emperor lifted his eyes to meet Ji Fengyan’s steady gaze.

He actually felt a sense of familiarity in those clear pupils.

That familiarity sent chills down his spine.

Long Yue continued to address the Sacred Dragon Emperor, but he was observing Ji Fengyan’s reaction from the corner of his eye the whole time. They still needed to test Ji Fengyan’s reliability.

At this moment, a guard hurried in and proclaimed. “His Majesty has declared that Crown Prince Long Xi’s attempted murder of the Grand Tutor and officials is a grievous crime. He is to be stripped of his royal status and punished according to the laws of the Kingdom of Sa Er. He will be sentenced to death.”

Loud and clear, the guard’s voice sounded especially piercing within the dark dungeons.

The imprisoned Sacred Dragon Emperor was in a daze. He was still uncertain how things ended up in this way. He had just wanted to report Ji Fengyan’s crimes to Grand Tutor Xing Hun, but had fallen into such dire straits.

The mind of the Sacred Dragon Emperor was blown on hearing the death sentence passed down by the Sa Er Emperor.

He was no fool and was familiar with the political plotting and scheming in the royal house. He could ascend to the throne in the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon only after multiple underhanded battles with his political opponents.

Looking at Long Yue standing before him, the Sacred Dragon Emperor could already guess what must have conspired.

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