Chapter 1191 - A Guaranteed Death Sentence (2)

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Chapter 1191: A Guaranteed Death Sentence (2)

Looking at Long Yue standing before him, the Sacred Dragon Emperor could already guess what must have conspired.

Everything that happened tonight was a conspiracy against Long Xi.

To drag Long Xi down from his status as the crown prince of the Kingdom of Sa Er.

But no one expected that the person who attended the banquet tonight was not Long Xi, but the Sacred Dragon Emperor!

As the Sacred Dragon Emperor thought of this, a sudden chill rose in his heart. He initially felt it was rather abrupt when Ji Fengyan and Long Xi first suggested for him to impersonate Long Xi to attend the banquet. When the Emperor had first arrived at Long Xi’s residence, he could vaguely feel that Long Xi was not too keen on helping him. But Long Xi had suddenly changed his mind to help him after the Emperor casually reiterated his request.

The Sacred Dragon Emperor was still ever-so-grateful towards Long Xi and Ji Fengyan for that impersonation scheme. But now, he suddenly realized that Long Xi was planning to frame him all along!

And the young lady who suggested the entire plan in the first place must have been cahoots with him!

“Ah! Ah ah ah!!” The Sacred Dragon Emperor was completely enraged. He behaved like a wild beast trying to escape his cage. He wanted to expose Long Xi’s plot, but could not speak a single word. Bound by the chains, he also could not write or draw anything.

Ji Fengyan watched the Sacred Dragon Emperor’s reaction with cold eyes. It was obvious that the Emperor had already guessed most of the truth. Unfortunately, it was already too late for him.

Only a brief period had passed since the alleged poisoning incident. Ji Fengyan did not believe that Xing Hun had really relayed news of the incident to the Sa Er Emperor. The message delivered by the guard was also probably written by Xing Hun himself. He planned to kill first and ask questions later—to completely exterminate “Long Xi” from this world.

It must be acknowledged that Xing Hun’s plan was rather marvelous. He did not allow his opponent the slightest chance of survival.

If Ji Fengyan had not discovered Xing Hun’s plot, it would be the real Long Xi imprisoned in that dungeon now.

“Miss Ji, did you hear my brother’s current predicament?” Long Yue ignored the Sacred Dragon Emperor’s cries. At this stage of the plan, the opponent was already doomed to death and there was no need for him to waste any more words on him. Ascertaining Ji Fengyan’s current state of mind was the crucial step now.

“I heard,” Ji Fengyan replied in a bland tone.

Long Yue chuckled. “I understand Miss Ji’s earlier intentions. However, you worked with my brother after all. It will not be a simple matter for the Grand Tutor to accept you with confidence. My brother has been sentenced to death by father, but he is still my brother and I cannot bear to carry out the sentencing. I wonder… if Miss Ji is willing to help me out?” Long Yue fixed Ji Fengyan with a steady stare as he made his request. He was trying his best to detect the slightest shift in her expression.


Ji Fengyan responded very nonchalantly. She threw a glance at Long Yue before turning towards the struggling Sacred Dragon Emperor. A malicious grin appeared on her lips.

“Since the second prince cherishes his brotherly ties so much, then I, Fengyan, am willing to help you.”

The Sacred Dragon Emperor’s mind was instantly blown.

That surname “Ji” coupled with the first name “Fengyan” was his life’s greatest nightmare!

Ji Fengyan!

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