Chapter 1223 - Let’s Compete (1)

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Chapter 1223: Let’s Compete (1)

The competition between Kingdom of Mo Shi and Kingdom of Hua Xia was quickly passed by mouth to the various rulers in the capital city. Besides the few rulers who were disgraced by Ji Fengyan, the rest were all excited about the competition.

It had to be known that the people allowed into the Free Valley were from all the kingdoms.

Previously, because of the Free Valley’s battle formation, the kingdoms could not demand for their wanted criminal.

But now, the Free Valley had established itself as its own kingdom, and the rulers all bore different intentions. They were all waiting for the competition between Mo Shi and Hua Xia so that once Mo Shi had initiated it, they could all just follow suit.

In fact, this competition was a joke to all the other kingdoms.

How long had Hua Xia just been established?

According to what they know, Hua Xia had only sent out one terminator in response to the Divine Temple’s invitation. It showed how vastly different the strength of Hua Xia was compared to Mo Shi.

Just based on military strength, the powers of Mo Shi’s terminators had already far exceeded that of the Kingdom of Sa Er.

This was a battle that no one had watched upon kindly.

They set the location of the competition to be outside the residence that Ji Fengyan was staying in.

It was not time yet, but the people from different kingdoms had already gathered around the challenge platform. They were all waiting for the opening of a wonderful show.

In a nearby restaurant, Long Yue was sitting by the window, while drinking his warm wine and watching the streaming crowd downstairs.

“Your Highness, are you going to inform the Divine Temple about the trouble that Mo Shi and Hua Xia are creating?” one of the guards asked cautiously.

The scale of the competition was already against the rules of the Divine Temple. By right, they should not allow the competition.


Long Yue just smiled and waved his hand in the air. When his eyes looked at the people from different kingdoms gathered together, he seemed to smile eerily.

“There’s no need for this much trouble. Since we have said that it is a friendly competition, we will definitely not overdo it. I believe that both kingdoms do not intend on disrupting the harmony.”

Upon hearing that, the guard said nothing else and stepped to the side in a well-behaved manner.

But Long Yue’s eyes had a look of anticipation and unkind intention.

He had long known about the conflict between the other kingdoms and Ji Fengyan and had even been the one to report to Xing Hun the minute he knew the news that the Kingdom of Luo Er had brought his men to create trouble for Ji Fengyan.

However, regarding such a situation, Xing Hun and Long Yue did not find it surprising.

After all, Ji Fengyan was a terminator who had defied the will of the Divine Temple. Previously, Xing Hun did not take any action against Ji Fengyan because he had wanted to make use of Hua Xia’s financial capabilities, but now that the stargazing pagoda had been constructed, there was hardly any value in Ji Fengyan.

The Divine Temple was displeased with Ji Fengyan’s existence, but they were uninterested in dirtying their own hands and tarnishing their reputation, so they only made her move out of the Grand Tutor’s residence. Naturally, the rulers from other kingdoms would not let her off that easily.

Unless Ji Fengyan handed over all the people in Hua Xia nicely, this matter would never end.

Once she chose to do that, it would also mean that she was seeking her own death.

As a Great Empress who could not even protect her own people, how would anyone be willing to serve her wholeheartedly? And respect her as Queen?

Long Yue’s face formed a sinister grin. Sometime, to destroy a person, wouldn’t it be better to make use of others to do it?

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