Chapter 1224 - : Let’s Compete (2)

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Chapter 1224: Let’s Compete (2)

Wei Xu arrived early at the challenge platform. When he appeared before the terminators from the other kingdoms, all their gazes immediately became serious.

Amongst the terminators, there were also different levels. The once strongest terminator came from the Qin family of the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon—their presence was extraordinarily strong that no one could surpass. He was looked up upon as the strongest terminator by countless other terminators, but that terminator had already died long ago. Even though the Qin family still lived in the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon, they were no longer as glorious as in the past. Instead, at present, the strongest terminator was Wei Xu from the Kingdom of Mo Shi.

Even the best terminators from other kingdoms did not dare to compete against Wei Xu.

“I think Hua Xia is doomed this time. The Mo Shi Emperor had actually sent Master Wei Xu to compete. There is undoubtedly no suspense in the outcome.”

“So that is Master Wei Xu? He looks strong.”

Originally, most people already expected nothing unexpected from the competition. After seeing that the Kingdom of Mo Shi had sent out Mo Shi, they were even more certain about the winner of this competition.

It had to be known that among all the terminators present, none of them dared to claim to defeat Wei Xu.

The Kingdom of Mo Shi originally already battled frequently and Wei Xu’s abilities were all trained from countless battles he was in. He trained his battling powers through real experience. Even without activating the world-termination-armour, his battling capabilities had already made everyone else fear him.

While everyone was expressing sighs about the determination of the Kingdom of Mo Shi to win this battle, the door behind the platform slowly opened.

Ji Fengyan and Liu Kai walked out, and everyone’s eyes were instantly on the both of them. Almost the next moment, they had already realised that the boyish man beside the Great Empress of Hua Xia was the terminator sent for the competition.

“Hua Xia is really capable. They actually sent out such an immature young boy, I’m afraid he’s not even old enough for puberty?”

“Then you must be mistaken. Hua Xia was previously known as the Free Valley, which terminator would escape to that place? According to what I know, this person is the other terminator in Hua Xia. In the Kingdom of Hua Xia, there are only two terminators—the Great Empress of Hua Xia and him—so it’s definitely inappropriate for the Great Empress to compete personally?”

“Tsk tsk, Hua Xia only had this level of battling capabilities and they dared to fight head on with Mo Shi, they practically don’t know their limits.”

As everyone talked among themselves, their obviously mocking tone reached Liu Kai’s ears.

It was the first time that Liu Kai had realised that his existence had brought such huge disgrace to Hua Xia. He was originally still a little afraid, but now… all his nervousness and fear had already disappeared in the waves of ridicule. His gaze became unusually resolute.

Liu Kai was very clear that with his caliber, he was not considered an outstanding terminator among his peers. Before entering the capital institute, he was already muddle-headed. He had only been enjoying the comfortable life of a terminator and had never thought of how to improve himself.

It was until he met Ji Fengyan at the capital institute. The power of Ji Fengyan made him find a goal—to be strong.

After that, the experience that Ji Fengyan went through at the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon formed the greatest motivation for Liu Kai. It was also during that half year that he trained himself earnestly.


All these had happened in such a brief period. How easy was it to train from a useless son of a rich family to a really powerful warrior?

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