Chapter 1225 - Let’s Compete (3)

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Chapter 1225: Let’s Compete (3)

At that moment, Liu Kai was extremely regretful that he had not come to senses earlier. If he had worked harder, he would not become a laughingstock in front of everyone and he could be proud and protect the glory of Hua Xia.

Ji Fengyan stood beside Liu Kai. Through the corner of her eyes, she pretended to glance at his uptight face unintentionally. She had heard all the unkind words from the surroundings, but she was not bothered by them at all.

“Are you nervous?” Ji Fengyan asked softly.

Liu Kai’s body froze slightly.

The day before, he had volunteered himself with no intention to back away, but now, he had finally realised that this battle was not his own. It was also for the glory of Hua Xia.

Liu Kai took a deep breath in.

“I will fight for Hua Xia.”

He must not lose!

Even if it was to make a good showing, he would also not let the others treat him as a laughingstock.

More importantly, he could not allow Hua Xia’s reputation to be insulted.

Ji Fengyan smiled. She had watched Liu Kai transform from the useless boy in the past to the man now. She believed that one day, Liu Kai would become a strong person who everyone would have to take another good look at. Everything that was going to happen that day will be part of his training experience.

“Queen, don’t worry. I won’t be a disgrace.” Liu Kai, who had always been fooling around usually, had become unusually serious now.

Even though he was not strong enough, the elixir that Ji Fengyan had made for him overnight was his last bet, and he could not disappoint Ji Fengyan.

Ji Fengyan nodded slightly and said nothing else to him.

After Liu Kai took a glance at Ji Fengyan, he walked up the challenge platform under the mocking gaze of everyone.

Wei Xu, who had already been waiting for some time, after realising that Hua Xia had sent out a ten over year old young man, immediately had a flash across his eyes. It was an unusual emotion that disappeared instantly and no one had noticed it. He quickly regained his usual indifference and walked up to the challenge platform.

“Kingdom of Mo Shi, Wei Xu,” Wei Xu announced his identity.

Liu Kai looked at Wei Xu, who was much more muscular than him, and he could feel a burning sensation in his chest. He had once heard of Wei Xu’s name and had even hoped to become as strong as him when he was younger, so that he could be known as the terminator that was the support of the kingdom.

Now, the strong warrior that he had once admired when he was young was standing before him and about to compete with him in a battle for glory. All these seemed too surreal, yet it was actually really happening.

Liu Kai stabilised himself and looked at Ji Fengyan at the side. When he saw the faint smile on her face, his heart felt as though it had returned to peace. He turned his head and stared at Wei Xu with his eyes lit like torches. He said with a tough voice, “Kingdom of Hua Xia, Liu Kai!”

The two terminators had already ascended the platform, but the onlookers off stage were already losing interest. Be it from the physique or age, Wei Xu had the winning advantage. Obviously, Mo Shi had the intention to crush its opponent by sending out Wei Xu, and the little fellow from Hua Xia was bound to lose after holding on for a few rounds.

The winner was already set in everyone’s mind.

Mai Ya had also rushed over. She squeezed her way through the crowd to Ji Fengyan’s side and looked at everything in front of her with an anxious look. When she saw Wei Xu, her eyes shook obviously.

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