Chapter 1226 - Taiji Movement Technique(1)

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Chapter 1226: Taiji Movement Technique(1)

“The Kingdom of Mo Shi has actually deployed Wei Xu?” Maiya evidently had not expected the Kingdom of Mo Shi to make such a big gesture. They had begun by deploying their most powerful Terminator. “Queen, you cannot participate in this fight! That Wei Xu…” Mai Ya was taken aback. She hurriedly turned her head, hoping that Ji Fengyan would speak and prevent this match from happening.


Ji Fengyan calmly shook her head. She crossed her arms and maintained her composure as she watched the two opponents in the arena. Her lips curved in a trace of a self-assured smile.

“I know he is the most powerful Terminator. But… so what?”

Ji Fengyan’s words dumbfounded Mai.

Mai Ya had faith in Ji Fengyan’s power. If it was Ji Fengyan standing in the arena at that moment, Mai Ya would not be the least bit worried.


“Just watch patiently.” Ji Fengyan comfortingly patted Mai Ya’s head, then smilingly looked at the fight that was about to commence in the arena.

It was clear that Wei Xu and Liu Kai could wait no longer. Both of them struck at the same instant!

Because of the Divine Temple’s rules, both Wei Xu and Liu Kai could not use their World-Termination-Armour in this match. They could only pit their martial skills using their bare flesh.

The instant Wei Xu struck, his entire body became akin to a raging tiger that had burst its bonds. His speed was so great that the onlookers almost saw double.

“The force of Wei Xu’s kick is greater than if I activated the World-Termination-Armour!”

The moment the crowd saw Wei Xu move, they knew how great Wei Xu’s actual strength was.

A vigorous blow smashed directly towards Liu Kai’s face. Just as his fist was about to smash into Liu Kai’s face, Liu Kai’s heel suddenly turned. The seemingly clumsy figure instantly veered away from Wei Xu’s line of attack. The powerful punch brushed right pass his face, but did not hurt him at all.

Wei Xu’s first blow had gone astray, but without even an instant’s delay, he turned and kicked out.

Liu Kai pushed his hands forwards and used his palms to receive Wei Xu’s kick. When the crowd saw this scene, they secretly laughed at Liu Kai’s stupidity.

Who dared to block Wei Xu’s kick? He would probably lose the use of both hands!


A strange scene clearly played out in front of the crowd.

The moment Liu Kai’s hands blocked Wei Xu’s kick, it was as if his feet stepped on a layer of slippery ice, and his entire body slid backwards. The seemingly violent kick did not have any force to harm Liu Kai. Instead, he leveraged on the force of the kick to move backwards, caused the force exerted by Wei Xu’s foot to seemingly sink into a morass. Wei Xu could not exert any force at all.

“What’s going on?” The crowd, that had been waiting to see Liu Kai crushed by Wei Xu, now turned pale at this sight.

They had clearly seen Liu Kai reach out to receive Wei Xu’s fatal kick. Based on the force exerted by Wei Xu, this kick would definitely crush the bones in Liu Kai’s hands. But… not only did Liu Kai not lose the use of both hands as expected, he had actually used the force to pull Wei Xu forwards by a step. The unsuspecting Wei Xu had almost lost his balance and performed a split in public…

All this was completely unexpected. Before the surrounding Terminators could wipe the sarcastic smiles off their faces, they were already flabbergasted by Liu Kai’s flawless defense.

“What the hell! What kind of movement technique is this fellow using? How come he’s like a mudfish, and can withstand blows without any sensation?”

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