Chapter 1227 - Taiji Movement Technique(2)

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Chapter 1227: Taiji Movement Technique(2)

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No one knew how Liu Kai had done it. He had skillfully and easily dealt with Wei Xu’s attack. After a few blows, Wei Xu had not even brushed the hem of Liu Kai’s robes!

As time passed, the mocking laughter in the crowd’s hearts slowly vanished.

When she saw Liu Kai moving easily about the arena, Ji Fengyan’s face showed a satisfied smile.

Liu Kai’s aptitude was not great. Further, he had spent his earlier years eating and waiting for death. The idea of him becoming an elite fighter in one day was absurd.

However, Ji Fengyan had her own methods. With the help of elixirs, she stimulated Liu Kai’s own latent potential within the shortest possible time. Earlier, Ji Fengyan had deliberately given Liu Kai a crash course and taught him the Taiji movement technique.

The key to the Taiji movement technique was to leverage on the opponent’s strength. As long as he grasped this principle, even if Liu Kai’s strength was far inferior to that of his opponent, he had nothing to worry about.


Ji Fengyan had secretly filled Liu Kai’s body with her own vital energy. This had allowed Liu Kai’s power to grow exponentially in this match. As a result, she was not at all worried about the outcome of the match.

Ji Fengyan looked calm and refreshed, but Wei Xu’s expression was incredibly confused.

Liu Kai was just like a crafty mud fish, and he did not have any ability to hurt Liu Kai. No matter how fast he was, or how forceful his blow, Liu Kai always had a way to deflect it. This feeling of having his every blow fall on cotton wool almost made Wei Xu collapse.

Slowly, Wei Xu became enraged. The force he exerted became greater and greater.

It looked like Wei Xu’s fist was about to strike Liu Kai’s chest, but Liu Kai did not dodge. Instead, he puffed out his chest to meet the blow.

However, the instant the fist crashed down, Liu Kai’s legs froze. It was as if his two legs were rooted to the ground. His seemingly scrawny shoulder suddenly flicked, and Wei Xu’s entire body seemed to receive some kind of violent shock, which sent him flying!

With a resounding crash, Wei Xu fell out of the arena.

The entire arena instantly fell dead silent. The Terminators in the audience stared in disbelief at Wei Xu, who had fallen out of the arena.

“How… how is that possible? Has Wei Xu… lost?” Someone among the crowd muttered softly.

Based on the rules of the match, for one to win, his opponent must either be forced to kneel and beg for mercy, or be forced out of the arena. As long as both his feet left the arena, he would lose.

Wei Xu remained stunned for a long while. He did not snap out of his trance until he heard the collective intake of breath all around him. He turned to look at the mud beneath him, then raised his head to see Liu Kai standing in the arena, his face glowing. A trace of shock flashed across Wei Xu’s eyes.

Wei Xu slowly stood up under the shocked gaze of the crowd. He glanced at Liu Kai with a complicated expression, then said gravely, “You’ve won. The Kingdom of Mo Shi will abide by our previous agreement. From today onwards, all the people who fled from the Kingdom of Mo Shi to the Free Valley will have nothing whatsoever to do with the Kingdom of Mo Shi.”

Wei Xu forcefully threw down these words, then turned and left. He did not give the audience a chance to ask questions, but left smartly.

However, Liu Kai, who stood in the arena, stiffly watched as Wei Xu vanished with large strides. It was as if he had been struck by lightning. He stood motionless in the arena, feeling stunned.

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