Chapter 1228 - Taiji Movement Technique(3)

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Chapter 1228: Taiji Movement Technique(3)

“Let’s go back.” Ji Fengyan had seen everything. Her lips curved in amusement, and she turned and walked back to the residence.

Mai Ya, who was by her side, had not expected this match to be concluded so swiftly. What was even more unexpected was the strange way in which Wei Xu had lost… She had seen Wei Xu exert his full strength to punch Liu Kai’s chest. If that punch had reached its mark, Liu Kai’s bones would certainly have shattered.


How was it that it had been Wei Xu who had suddenly been flung out of the arena instead?

Her heart full of doubts, Mai Ya had no choice but to follow Ji Fengyan back to the residence.

Liu Kai, who remained stunned in the arena, finally recovered his wits. It was as if he finally realized what had happened. His face reddened, and his breath quickened. He ignored the curious stares from the surrounding Terminators and made haste to run after Ji Fengyan’s disappearing figure.

As for the crowd of Terminators who had been prepared to gain some advantage after the Kingdom of Hua Xia lost, it was as if they were all struck by lightning. They stood dumbly by the empty arena with vacant expressions.

Who would have thought that the useless looking fellow from the Kingdom of Hua Xia would actually defeat the most powerful Wei Xu with a single blow?

It was like a dream!

Everyone started to speculate secretly. Had Liu Kai deliberately hidden his genuine powers, or perhaps he was an inscrutable elite fighter. Otherwise… Wei Xu’s defeat was just too inexplicable.

At that moment, the elite fighter that everyone thought of as inscrutable, was scuttling after his Queen. He was as happy as a pet expecting a reward.

“Queen! I won! I really won! I actually beat Wei Xu. Heavens… why do I feel as if this is all a dream?!” Up until now, Liu Kai could not snap out of his befuddlement at recent events. All this had happened too suddenly. Even he felt it rather unbelievable, much less other people.

He knew himself. Even ten of him together could not defeat Wei Xu. But… he had really done it?

Liu Kai was not stupid. He naturally knew that it was thanks to Ji Fengyan that he had won this match.

But he just could not understand why the movement technique that Ji Fengyan had taught him would have such vicious effects.

As she looked at Liu Kai, who was so excited that he was almost spitting blood, Ji Fengyan calmly extended her hand. She forcefully pushed aside his head that was almost sticking to her.

“Congratulations. You need not crawl back to the Free Valley.” Ji Fengyan spoke evenly.

Liu Kai smiled brilliantly.

“Queen, I know that you’re the most powerful. If I had known that the Taiji movement technique you taught me earlier was so useful, I would not have been so nervous.”

Ji Fengyan glanced at Liu Kai, but said nothing more. Because time had been too short, she had only taught Liu Kai what it meant to leverage the energy of others. This move had been sufficient to ensure Wei Xu would not injure Liu Kai. However, in order to win the match, they still had to force Wei Xu to strike hard.

To put it simply, however much force Wei Xu exerted, the same amount of force would rebound on himself. When facing a powerful opponent like Wei Xu, this move would only work once. Once Wei Xu discovered the peculiarities within, he would definitely look for another solution. So… before the match, Ji Fengyan had especially exhorted Liu Kai to only use this move once Wei Xu struck a vicious blow.

However, the effects were pretty good.

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