Chapter 1230 - A Heavy Cloud Of Suspicion (2)

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Chapter 1230: A Heavy Cloud Of Suspicion (2)

“Yes, Your Majesty!” Wei Xu rose and was just about to leave when he appeared to have thought of something. He turned around. “Your Majesty, when I was leaving the arena, I caught a glimpse of Sa Er’s second prince sitting in a restaurant on the opposite side.”

The Mo Shi Emperor’s expression shifted slightly.

“Are you sure?”

Wei Xu nodded.

The Mo Shi Emperor frowned as his face darkened.

“There has been a lot of movement in the Kingdom of Sa Er this period. For unknown reasons, Long Xi has been replaced as the heir to the throne. Long Yue has also always been on the side of Sa Er’s Grand Tutor, and would probably be closely interlinked with the Divine Temple…”

The Mo Shi Emperor paused before continuing. “You need to note the ongoings within the Sa Er capital city over this period. I have an unpleasant feeling that the Divine Temple has summoned the rulers of the different nations here for some ulterior motive.”

“Yes, Your Majesty!” Wei Xu immediately complied.

The Mo Shi Emperor waved and Wei Xu retreated.

Meanwhile, Long Yue had returned to the Grand Tutor’s residence after watching the entire fight.

Long Yue had been staying at the Grand Tutor’s residence since the foreign contingents started arriving and had not even been to the palace once. He immediately narrated the entire battle between Liu Kai and Wei Xu to Xing Hun.

Xing Hun just gave a slight frown after hearing the news.

“Long Yue, where has your mind gone?”

Long Yue was slightly taken aback.

Xing Hun said, “Ji Fengyan is just a traitorous Terminator. It is only a matter of time before she dies. Now that the rulers of the various nations have gathered within the capital city, they should be the true focus at this time. You are overly concerned with Ji Fengyan. Have you already forgotten my earlier instructions?” With that, Xing Hun gazed at Long Yue with a hint of displeasure.

Startled, Long Yue hurriedly knelt down. “I don’t dare. I just… I just thought…”

“You thought that I would make my move on Ji Fengyan now?” Xing Hun asked.

Long Yue dared not speak, but one could tell what he was thinking just by his reaction.

Xing Hun gave a cold laugh. “Let’s not point to the fact that she is just the Queen of a small nation, even though she was the ruler of the Kingdom of Sa Er, so what? Don’t lose track of our main goal just because of a small detail. It will be bad for us if the other rulers realize that you are targeting Ji Fengyan on purpose. She is already on the death row anyway, why waste so much energy on a dead man walking?”

“I have realized the error of my ways.” Long Yue spoke in a trembling voice. He did not know why he held a certain fear towards Ji Fengyan. He had first selected her for her financial power, and her behavior had been perfectly normal since. However, it was exactly because her behavior had been too normal that Long Yue felt uneasy.

Ji Fengyan didn’t strike him as a young, ignorant girl. There was no way that she hadn’t realized that he and Xing Hun had kicked her to the curb after making use of her.

But since the beginning, she had exhibited no signs of protest.

This type of calm made Long Yue feel increasingly ill at ease.

“The Divine Temple will hold a meeting in three days’ time. The rulers of the various nations will come together then. This matter is of the utmost importance to the Divine Temple, and you must ensure that everything has been prepared properly. If anything goes wrong…” Xing Hun didn’t finish his sentence, but he fixed Long Yue with a piercing gaze.

Long Yue broke out in cold sweat at Xing Hun’s stare. He had no choice but to obey.

“Don’t worry, Lord Xing Hun. I will make sure everything is arranged perfectly. There will be no mistakes or accidents.”

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