Chapter 1231 - When Two Enemies Meet?

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Chapter 1231: When Two Enemies Meet?

Wei Xu’s loss brought Ji Fengyan a moment of peace. No one was foolhardy enough to continue pestering her to hand over the fugitives.

The other countries had completely disregarded the newly established Kingdom of Hua Xia. But Liu Kai’s victory over Wei Xu had them looking at Hua Xia with a fresh eye.

Just looking at that medium-sized Terminator with the peculiar way of fighting was enough to fill them with fear. Many rulers had tried to probe into Liu Kai’s background, but they could only uncover that he was originally from the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon.

Ji Fengyan and Liu Kai were both Terminators born in the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon. The former had abandoned her old home and built an unfamiliar country where she stood as queen, while the latter defeated the most powerful Wei Xu with skills that had yet to be fully uncovered.

The various rulers were speechless. They did not know what’s the matter with the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon. Why had two powerful Terminators chosen to desert them?

Now that they thought of it, the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon was probably up to their gills with regret at the loss of these two Terminators…

With that thought, the mood of the other rulers instantly turned for the better. It was a lucky coincidence that the Sacred Dragon contingent had just arrived at Sa Er the day after the fight between Liu Kai and Wei Xu.

The other rulers all waited eagerly for something sensational to happen.

They did not really hold any major grudge against Ji Fengyan. Their dispute over the Free Valley fugitives was not that significant an issue.

But it was a different matter for the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon.

The Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon had stirred up a huge ruckus over the capture of Ji Fengyan. That warrant had been sent to all the other nations, with the determined stance of condemning her to death. In the end, it was all useless. Not only did they fail to capture Ji Fengyan, the massive army of the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon had been held hostage by her. That humiliating defeat had the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon tumble down the ranks of the most powerful nations.

It could be said that the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon’s fall from the top to become a worldwide laughingstock was all because of Ji Fengyan.

Ji Fengyan was now in Sa Er as a representative of Hua Xia, while the Sacred Dragon Emperor should also have been invited. Who knew what kind of trouble would brew when these two enemies meet?

The rulers who had suffered under the hands of Ji Fengyan were extremely vile. Not only did they wish to ridicule the Sacred Dragon Emperor, they also wished to see Ji Fengyan being forced to a wretched corner by him. As a result, they had their men follow the Sacred Dragon contingent closely the moment they arrived in Sa Er.

The Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon had quite a number of Terminators. They entered the capital city of Sa Er, dressed in grand clothes and bearing their country’s flag.

Leading the contingent was a handsome youth. His eyes held profound depth, and while he did not possess the ferocity of an adult male, he emitted an undeniably commanding aura.

“Who is that Terminator? He looks powerful!” One terminator from another nation asked quietly. He continued to steal glimpses of that sharp-looking man beside the Sacred Dragon Emperor.

“You don’t recognize him? That’s the Terminator from the top Terminator family, the Qin clan. Although he’s still young, I heard he is extremely good at combat. He is personally commanding the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon’s most powerful army and has yet to lose a single battle.” One of the more well-informed onlookers revealed.

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