Chapter 1232 - When Two Enemies Meet (2)?

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Chapter 1232: When Two Enemies Meet (2)?

“He is Qin Muyao? That teenage Terminator who defeated the Kingdom of Lin Yao?”

The identity of that youth stunned the crowd.

Previously, the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon had become one of the strongest countries because of that powerful ancient dragon, and that Best Terminator. With the support of those two, the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon had gradually grown from a small, new nation into one of the top kingdoms in the world.

That period was the glory days of the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon. Nearly every one of the premier Terminators had been born there. There was a saying that although the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon was not as powerful as Sa Er and did not have the military might of Mo Shi no other country was its match if they were to compete on the strength of their Terminators.

At that time, any one of the Sacred Dragon Terminators could easily finish the Terminator of another nation. The might of the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon had been build from that.


All good things come to an end.

Following the disappearance of the ancient dragon, the Best Terminator had also died. The short lifespans of Terminators made it their fate that they would not occupy a sizeable portion of history.

When the pioneering batch of Terminators died off, the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon no longer possessed the ability to continue climbing up the ranks. Their former glory was also gradually being forgotten by many.

But their situation had turned for the better in the past year.

Previously, the Sacred Dragon capital institute had suffered a demon attack. The demons were beaten back by Ji Fengyan and Qin Muyao, and their heroism had partially ignited the former glory of the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon. And Liu Kai’s recent show of combat prowess also pointed towards the fact that the kingdom’s reputation as a stronghold for powerful Terminators had yet to completely vanish.


Ji Fengyan and Liu Kai had become part of Hua Xia. The only Terminator that the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon could boast of now was Qin Muyao.

The crowd had a lively discussion over Qin Muyao and the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon. On top of that, they noticed that the kingdom had sent over quite a number of Terminators. However, the Terminators flanking the Sacred Dragon Emperor were mostly teenagers, while they relegated the adult Terminators to the back.

This scenario was befuddling.

“Has the Sacred Dragon Emperor gone senile? I can understand Qin Muyao’s position, but why are those young punks walking in the front?”

“Who knows? But look, it doesn’t seem like they are heading towards the area allocated to the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon?” A keen-eyed bystander realized. The Sacred Dragon contingent had split into two groups, one of which was heading towards the lodgings arranged for their contingent.

But the other group of over 20 Terminators led by the Sacred Dragon Emperor was heading in another direction.

Some more nosy bystanders followed them discreetly, only to suddenly discover their destination.

“Isn’t this the accommodation for Hua Xia!!!”

The Sacred Dragon Emperor had led more than 20 young Terminators right to Ji Fengyan’s front door!

This time, the crowd’s eyes glowed with anticipation of a good show!

“I knew that the Sacred Dragon Emperor would never bear that insult quietly. He actually came knocking on their doors right after arriving at Sa Er! You guys continue to keep watch. I will hurry back to report this to His Majesty.” The Terminators of the various nations were elated. Although they did not dare to go head on against Hua Xia, this did not prevent them from watching from the sidelines!

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