Chapter 1233 - When Two Enemies Meet (3)?

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Chapter 1233: When Two Enemies Meet (3)?

Thinking that the Sacred Dragon Emperor was intending to settle his scores with Ji Fengyan, several Terminators hurried back to report to their respective rulers.

The Sacred Dragon Emperor stood before the main gates, staring at it in silence.

The Terminators behind him looked rather conflicted. Their eyes were filled with reluctance and unease.

They knew exactly who was staying in that compound. But they did not wish to meet that person under such circumstances.

The bunch of young Terminators led over by the Sacred Dragon Emperor were those who had studied at the capital institute. They had all undergone that catastrophic battle and survived through hell.

Ji Fengyan was the benefactor of every single one of them. They were well aware that if not for Ji Fengyan, they would have already died on that disastrous day.

When the Sacred Dragon Emperor had launched an attack on the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon, most of them did not participate in that battle. They also did not know who the opponent was then. Only after the attack took place did they realize the opponent was their benefactor!

They had been utterly distressed by the news.

Also, they were well aware that the grudge between the Sacred Dragon Emperor and Ji Fengyan would not be so easily resolved.


The Sacred Dragon Emperor had suddenly led them to Hua Xia’s lodgings. This move had them all in jitters.

They feared that the Sacred Dragon Emperor wanted to settle his score with Ji Fengyan, but they could not bring themselves to attack someone who had once saved their lives!

Just as the group was mulling over their dilemma, the Sacred Dragon Emperor suddenly turned around and lifted his chin at Qin Muyao. Without a word, Qin Muyao went up and knocked on the door.

Before long, someone opened the tightly locked door.

Liu Kai, who looked like he just woke up, stood behind that door. The sight of Qin Muyao standing before him reached his sleep-ridden eyes.

“Brother Qin?!” Startled, Liu Kai was wide awake now. He stared in astonishment and joy at the sudden appearance of Qin Muyao.

But before he could greet him, he noticed the Sacred Dragon Emperor standing right behind Qin Muyao.

That profound and stern face shocked Liu Kai so much that he nearly got down on his knees.

“Your Majes… Sacred Dragon Emperor?” Liu Kai started to say before changing his greeting. He recalled his current status and strove to maintain a dignified expression. Nevertheless, his panicked eyes betrayed his inner feelings. He instinctively looked about and as expected, he saw several familiar faces behind the Emperor…

They were the brothers who had once fought with him at the capital institute battle, as well as… his two best mates.

“Is the Hua Xia Queen here?” The Sacred Dragon Emperor asked in a solemn voice.

Liu Kai’s head nearly exploded. He had just settled the nefarious intentions of the other nations, and the Sacred Dragon Emperor was now already knocking on their front door! He was in no condition to fight should they attack now!

“Queen… the Queen…” Liu Kai’s mind was in a mess. He wanted to find an excuse to prevent the Sacred Dragon Emperor from meeting Ji Fengyan. Otherwise, things might get ugly.

However, just as Liu Kai was trying his best to think of a polite way to make the Sacred Dragon Emperor leave, a familiar voice drifted from behind.

“Is that the Sacred Dragon Emperor?”

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