Chapter 1234 - Joy and Harmony (1)

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Chapter 1234: Joy and Harmony (1)

The moment he heard the sound, Liu Kai almost cried out on the spot.

My dear Queen, why did you choose of all times to appear now? Did you think that the situation was not messy enough?

Liu Kai was feeling himself collapsing internally. If the Sacred Dragon Emperor was going to lead other terminators to create trouble for him, he would definitely be the first to fight 300 rounds with them, but facing the comrades and brothers he had made from the past, he could not bring himself to do it.

At this moment, Liu Kai could not help but curse the Sacred Dragon Emperor for being “sly”!

The Sacred Dragon Emperor must have expected this outcome, so he purposely brought Qin Muyao and the rest along, just like how the Sacred Dragon Emperor had sent the Wolf Smoke Regiment to battle in the past!

Too despicable!


No matter how much Liu Kai had collapsed internally, Ji Fengyan and the Sacred Dragon Emperor had already “collided heads-on”.

The Sacred Dragon Emperor looked up at Ji Fengyan and there was no emotion on his aged face. He said in a deep voice, “Hua Xia Great Empress, are you not going to invite me in for a seat?”

Liu Kai also spit out blood in exasperation. Invite him to a seat? It was already considered respectful to not have chased him out with a broom!

In the end…

“I have been impolite, please come in.” Ji Fengyan did not have any intentions of chasing him away and graciously invited the Sacred Dragon Emperor into the residence. She had even pushed Liu Kai, who was standing in a daze and blocking the passageway, away.

Liu Kai was lost after being pushed away.

When the Sacred Dragon Emperor brought his men into the residence, the other terminators outside could only follow in with their faces filled with complicated emotions. All of them lowered their heads and did not dare to look at Ji Fengyan as they were guilty.

Ji Fengyan observed their reaction and her eyes had a slight smile, but she did not have another response.

The atmosphere in the main hall became extremely strange.

Ji Fengyan and the Sacred Dragon Emperor sat on the chairs on each side. Behind Ji Fengyan, there was only Liu Kai, whereas there were 20 strong and young terminators behind the Sacred Dragon Emperor.

None of them was in a rush to speak. There was a piece of silence in the main hall, causing the atmosphere to become extremely suppressed.

The terminators from Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon had such conflicted emotions within them that they had almost exploded. Evey minute and second there was a huge torture to them. They were worried that if the Sacred Dragon Emperor gave his command, they had to fight to their deaths against Ji Fengyan.

As time passed, unknowingly both the Sacred Dragon Emperor and Ji Fengyan said nothing. Both of them only held their cups and drank tea leisurely. Anyone unclear about the situation would think that there were merely friends who had not met for a long time, while in actual fact, the both of them were enemies who would not be willing to compromise with each other.

Other than Ji Fengyan and the Sacred Dragon Emperor, there was another person who was still behaving naturally in the main hall, and that was the expressionless Qin Muyao.

Ever since the start, Qin Muyao did not have any expression on his face. It was difficult to tell his worries and his suppressed feelings.

When everyone could feel themselves almost bleeding from the torturous experience, Ji Fengyan finally finished the tea in her hands. She looked up with a smile and looked at the Sacred Dragon Emperor, who was sitting opposite her.

“You look ugly like this.”

This sentence made everyone in the main hall feel their hearts rising to their throats!

Liu Kai nearly fell to his knees before Ji Fengyan.

My dear Queen! You might have been overboard with your choice of words! Are you really intending to destroy the entire place? Please have some mercy!

While expecting the moment that the Sacred Dragon Emperor would flare up, he suddenly smiled and caused the wrinkles-filled face to become as crumbled as a bun. He lifted his head and touched his rough skin. Then he replied after much thought, “Is it? I can’t see it. I may have been used to it after such a long time.”

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