Chapter 1235 - Joy and Harmony (2)

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Chapter 1235: Joy and Harmony (2)


He had actually not flared up?

The group of terminators from Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon all held their chests and looked at the Sacred Dragon Emperor, whose temper had suddenly become so tolerating, with a face filled with surprise.

“The Prince, that idiot, did not create a ruckus to demand to come?” Ji Fengyan continued to ask.

Everyone was shocked once again.

Not only had she just mocked the Sacred Dragon Emperor for being ugly, she is now mocking his son for being an idiot… Ji Fengyan, you have to be more careful! I do not want to fight with you!


“He would need to have the guts to do that. Once the news from the Divine Temple reached the capital city, that useless scum had immediately curled up into a ball on his bed and tremble non-stop. Especially after he heard that it was at the Kingdom of Sa Er. He immediately fell sick. When I left the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon, he was not even awake.” Not only was the Sacred Dragon Emperor not angry, he had agreed with Ji Fengyan’s words. Through his speech, one could tell how great of a despise he had felt for the Prince of Sacred Dragon.

Such a strange outcome was out of everyone’s expectations. No one had thought that the tense situation that they were expecting did not happen at all. The Sacred Dragon Emperor and Ji Fengyan were like a pair of close friends who enjoyed chatting with each other and had criticised the Prince of Sacred Dragon so much that he had almost been worthless.

What was with this situation? It stunned everyone.

Only Qin Muyao watched calmly at everything before him. When his eyes glanced past the terminators’ shocked faces, he shook his head slightly and even sighed softly.

While everyone was taken by surprise, Ji Fengyan and the Sacred Dragon Emperor had actually started a natural conversation and talked from afternoon till night. During the entire time, they had never been angry at all. In the afternoon, Ji Fengyan had even invited the Sacred Dragon Emperor for a meal.

“Recently, is there anything on with… Kingdom of Sa Er?” While eating, as if he had suddenly thought about it, the Sacred Dragon Emperor asked.

Ji Fengyan’s eyes stopped for a moment, then looked at the Sacred Dragon Emperor and shook her head.

The hands hidden in the Sacred Dragon Emperor’s sleeve quietly rolled into a fist.

Ji Fengyan ate her snacks thoughtlessly and asked casually, “Now that the Second Prince Long Yue is about to take over the position as ruler, the King and Queen can finally rest. This matter will be completely up to him to handle. I heard that… two days later, the Sa Er Emperor would also appear with the Divine Temple organising the event…”

Ji Fengyan’s casual remark made the Sacred Dragon Emperor clenched his fist tighter. The instant he let go, his tightly squeezed muscles also relaxed immediately. Suddenly, he took a deep breath in, as if he was trying to suppress something.

The appearance of the Sa Er Emperor two days later would also mean that his father was temporarily safe…

At this moment, the Sacred Dragon Emperor who had appeared before everyone and conversed peacefully with Ji Fengyan was not him. Instead, he was the Eldest Prince of Sa Er—Long Xi!

At the birthday banquet of Grand Tutor Xing Hun, Ji Fengyan had already killed the Sacred Dragon Emperor under the disguise of Long Xi.

The real Long Xi had escaped with the Prince of Sacred Dragon during the chaos to Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon. With the Prince of Sacred Dragon worrying, he had put on the disguise as the Sacred Dragon Emperor and taken over the throne to Sacred Dragon!

Now, Long Xi had even returned to the Kingdom of Sa Er with the identity of the Sacred Dragon Emperor!

Upon hearing that his parents were temporarily safe, Long Xi could finally let his heart be at ease. After having a light-hearted conversation with Ji Fengyan, he then left after bidding farewell.

When Long Xi and the rest walked out of the residence, the terminators from different kingdoms who had been squatting and waiting the whole time then finally woke up from their sleep.

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