Chapter 1237 - The Gathering of the Kingdoms (1)

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Chapter 1237: The Gathering of the Kingdoms (1)

Two days later, the Divine Temple had invited the rulers of the various kingdoms to gather at the Sa Er palace. No one was to bring along an entourage. Only the rulers and the Grand Tutor had the honor of being invited.

As the invitation had come from the Divine Temple, the rulers were all reassured that there would not be anything untoward. As daring as the Kingdom of Sa Er was, they would not dare to do anything improper before the Divine Temple.

As a result, on the day of the gathering, the rulers of the various kingdoms all attended bearing gifts. They were prepared to build some good networking ties with the Divine Temple, hoping the temple would groom more Terminators in their kingdom.

Although all the nations had Terminators, there had been a recent increase in demonic activity. As a result, the borders of several countries were under a lot of pressure. Terminators could only exist with the support of the World-Termination-Armour, and there were a fixed number of such armour for each kingdom. To obtain more World-Termination-Armour, they would have to appeal to the Divine Temple for their permission.

That was why the Divine Temple was so highly regarded among the kingdoms.

All the rulers couldn’t wait to present the treasures they had brought as gifts. It should be pointed out that to meet a person from the Divine Temple was even more difficult than ascending the heavens.

Among the crowd of gift-bearing rulers, there were also a few exceptions.

For example…

“Queen, you… is it appropriate for you to come bearing nothing?” Mai Ya stared incredulously at the empty-handed Ji Fengyan. She herself was carrying a gigantic silk box.

Ji Fengyan grinned at Mai Ya’s astounded expression. She couldn’t help reaching out to rub her little head. “Not inappropriate at all. What have you brought?”

She was to give the Divine Temple a present?

Did they want a Five-Blow-Thunderstruck?!

Ji Fengyan was clear on her stance towards the Divine Temple. Why in the world would she give these evil people any presents?

They were so wildly ambitious that they would not be satisfied even if she gave them all her riches.

Mai Ya couldn’t read Ji Fengyan’s mind and just replied frankly, “This is a box of Night Pearls. Before I came to Sa Er, the officials had me bring this over to present to the Divine Temple. But…”

Mai Ya gazed about the other rulers and continued in a small voice. “I heard that the other rulers have prepared gifts much more lavish than mine. I am worried my gift is too unworthy.”

The Kingdom of Fu Xiang was a remote little country. It was not powerful, and its former emperor had nearly emptied the country’s official reserves. Mai Ya’s gift had been scraped together only after much difficulty, but was still far cheaper than the other nations’.

“Your gift is simple but your intentions are pure. I believe that the Divine Temple ambassadors will not mind small but thoughtful favors.” Ji Fengyan smiled reassuringly at Mai Ya, even as she was secretly sighing at the rulers, who remained ignorant of the imminent disaster.

“Small and thoughtful favors? Queen, you should speak such things in a lower voice.” A figure suddenly walked into their conversation.

Mai Ya looked up and was stunned by what she saw.

The person who had suddenly appeared was the Sacred Dragon Emperor!

Mai Ya had heard of Ji Fengyan’s past stories and knew of the history between her and the Sacred Dragon Emperor. Her face turned pale and she instinctively positioned her petite body in front of Ji Fengyan, as if to protect her.

Ji Fengyan nearly laughed out loud at Mai Ya’s protective stance. She couldn’t bear to see Mai Ya so alarmed and immediately reached out to pull her back. “Don’t worry, the matter between the Sacred Dragon Emperor and I has been resolved.”

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