Chapter 1238 - The Gathering of the Kingdoms (2)

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Chapter 1238: The Gathering of the Kingdoms (2)

Mai Ya looked at Ji Fengyan with an unconvinced expression. She glanced guardedly at the Sacred Dragon Emperor now and then, afraid that he would suddenly make trouble for Ji Fengyan.

Long Xi was also very amused by Mai Ya’s expression. Nevertheless, he remembered that he bore the appearance of the Sacred Dragon Emperor, and held back his laughter.

“That’s right, we have resolved the grudge between the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon and Ji Fengyan. There will not be any more ill-feelings between us in the future.”

Of course things had been resolved. That Sacred Dragon Emperor had been personally chopped down by Ji Fengyan. His corpse was already in pieces.

Seeing the cordial interaction between Ji Fengyan and that “Sacred Dragon Emperor”, Mai Ya gradually relaxed. Nevertheless, she maintained a slightly suspicious expression whenever she looked at Long Xi.

“Time is getting on. We should enter the palace soon. We will look bad in front of the Divine Temple if we are late.” Mai Ya urged.

Ji Fengyan nodded as she threw a discreet glance at Long Xi, who looked rather solemn. He gazed at the entrance of the palace with an extremely conflicted expression.

“Let’s go,” Ji Fengyan said in a soft voice.

Long Xi snapped out of his reverie. He quickly lowered his eyes as if he realized his own abnormal behavior.

The usually heavily guarded Sa Er palace had its door wide open today. A team of soldiers stood guard outside, watching as the rulers of the various nations stepped in.

Emotions still in a flux, Long Xi followed Ji Fengyan and Mai Ya into this place, which was ever-so-familiar to him. Every blade of grass and piece of wood was as he remembered. But… Long Xi noticed that the patrolling guards within the palace had all been replaced. Even the guard outside the main gates was a stranger to Long Xi.

“Before you departed, the people left behind in the Kingdom of Sa Er delivered some news to me.” Ji Fengyan continued walking with a neutral expression. However, her voice drifted discreetly into Long Xi’s ears.

Startled, Long Xi instinctively glanced at Mai Ya, who looked as if she had heard nothing.

Ji Fengyan’s voice once again sounded out. “Don’t worry, Mai Ya cannot hear what I am saying to you.”

Long Xi secretly breathed out in relief, but was nevertheless astonished by Ji Fengyan’s abilities.

“Your father has not made an appearance since you left. He has handed all matters concerning Sa Er over to Long Yue to handle. The guards within the palace have also all been replaced with Long Yue and Xing Hun’s men.” Ji Fengyan informed Long Xi with not the slightest change in her expression.

The changes within the Kingdom of Sa Er had been carried out discreetly and most people would not have realized the reorganizations.

The information had been gathered from the investigations carried out by the men secretly left behind by Long Xi, as well as the dark guard.

Currently, all the people within the Sa Er palace belonged to Long Yue and Xing Hun. It could be said that the moment one entered the palace, everyone inside was within their control, which also meant they were within the Divine Temple’s control.

Ji Fengyan wanted to remind Long Xi of this point, as she feared that he might be overly agitated when the Sa Er Emperor appeared later.

It should be pointed out that the entire Sa Er palace, as well as the whole capital city, was now in the hands of the Divine Temple.

“I know.” Long Xi understood Ji Fengyan’s meaning. He would take note.

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