Chapter 1239 - The Gathering of the Kingdoms (3)

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Chapter 1239: The Gathering of the Kingdoms (3)

After entering the palace, the rulers and Grand Tutors of the various nations were led by someone to the grand hall for the banquet. It was the first time for many to enter the Sa Er palace, and many of them observed their surroundings with looks of envy.

This banquet was being held in the Sa Er palace, and the various rulers took their seats. Meanwhile, the Grand Tutors went over to the area where the Divine Temple ambassadors were seated, segregated from the rulers.

It was a lively and rowdy scene within the grand hall, as rulers who knew each other started chatting.

Ji Fengyan and her two companions attracted several unfriendly stares as they entered the hall. Nevertheless, they paid no attention and headed straight for their assigned seats in the corner.

The moment Ji Fengyan and company sat down, someone started discussing them.

“What is the Sacred Dragon Emperor thinking? He had pursued Ji Fengyan so doggedly, but has now become so friendly with her?”

“Why not? Ji Fengyan completely defeated him. When the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon sent their massive army to annihilate the Kingdom of Hua Xia, not only did Hua Xia emerge unscathed, the Sacred Dragon men were all taken hostage. Everyone knew what a crushing defeat that was.”

“It was that battle which utterly destroyed the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon. Didn’t the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon claim to be a powerful country? In the end, not only were they totally humiliated, they risked the security of their borders by mobilizing too huge an army force. The demons took over more of their territories. The Sacred Dragon Emperor has fallen into such a decrepit state. How could he manage to go against Hua Xia again? He has no choice but to yield now.”

“The Sacred Dragon Emperor is such a saint. Ji Fengyan killed his daughter. How could he just let that pass?”

“It’s just a daughter. Compared to the security of his kingdom, he should know which is more important?”

A bunch of rulers continued their gossiping at the side, their words full of scorn and ridicule towards the Sacred Dragon Emperor. It was a pity that they didn’t realize the person sitting right before them was not the Sacred Dragon Emperor.

If it was the real Sacred Dragon Emperor, he would probably have brawled with Ji Fengyan.

The voices of those men carried over to the ears of Ji Fengyan and company. But Long Xi could not be bothered about them now. He continued to scan the grand hall for signs of his father, who remained absent.

At this moment, three figures walked slowly into the grand hall and the noise level instantly dropped.

Garbed in white, Grand Tutor Xing Hun was flanked by an expressionless Sa Er Emperor and Prince Long Yue.

“Everyone, thank you for taking the time to come here to Sa Er. On behalf of the Divine Temple, I thank you.” Xing Hun spoke unhurriedly. In his presence, all the rulers appeared to have shrunk in size. Xing Hun represented the power of the Divine Temple, which was far beyond that of any ruler.

“Grand Tutor Xing Hun is too kind. It is our honor to be invited by the Divine Temple.” Several rulers took the chance to throw in a few pleasant words.

Although most of the powerful nations had Grand Tutors sent by the Divine Temple, everyone knew that Grand Tutor Xing Hun of Sa Er held one of the highest positions in the Divine Temple, rumored to be equal to that of the Divine Temple Master!

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