Chapter 1240 - Sensational (1)

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Chapter 1240: Sensational (1)

Several rulers took advantage of this opportunity to ingratiate themselves. Who knew these high and mighty rulers would behave so obsequiously before the Divine Temple.

Ji Fengyan watched the rulers’ fawning with a cold eye. Only a few didn’t walk up to express their gratitude, but one in particular caught Ji Fengyan’s attention.

One ruler had remained expressionless when Xing Hun appeared. As the others went up to curry favor with Xing Hun, disdain flashed across that ruler’s eyes.

And that insignia on the ruler’s chest looked very familiar to Ji Fengyan. Wasn’t that the same symbol as Wei Xu’s?

The Kingdom of Mo Shi?

Ji Fengyan raised her eyebrows slightly.

Although the Kingdom of Mo Shi had extended an invitation to challenge Ji Fengyan, she held a rather wonderful impression of that country. And during the fight between Wei Xu and Liu Kai, Ji Fengyan noticed that Wei Xu was obviously holding back at the beginning.

He went on the full attack in the end only because Liu Kai had devised it that way.

Ji Fengyan already suspected that the Kingdom of Mo Shi never wanted to win that fight. Otherwise, Wei Xu’s reaction after his loss would not have been of pure, simple shock.

And now, the Mo Shi Emperor was expressing something close to contempt towards Xing Hun. This rather amused Ji Fengyan.

“It looks like not all the rulers are fools.” Ji Fengyan commented in an inaudible voice.

The Sa Er Emperor also did not trust the Divine Temple, and the Mo Shi Emperor appeared to have the same thinking. It was obvious that the leaders of the top kingdoms were no fools. They were more intelligent and far-sighted than the other rulers.

The Mo Shi Emperor seemed to notice Ji Fengyan looking at him and he gazed back. Surprise flashed across his pupils as their eyes met, and he nodded at her.

In the meantime, the rulers had finished their groveling with some having already presented their gifts. Many lavish silk boxes were heaped by Xing Hun’s feet. He had become the central attraction in that grand hall.

On the other hand, the Sa Er Emperor had nearly faded into the background. He stood expressionless to the side and did not respond to any of the praises being sung of the Divine Temple.

“On behalf of the Divine Temple, I accept everyone’s kind intentions. However, I have invited you all here to discuss something very important,” Xing Hun said in an imperious manner, while looking derisively at the crowd.

The rulers all quietened down.

Xing Hun continued. “There are few safe havens left in this world. This is because of the trouble stirred up by the demons. They eat the flesh and drink the blood of humans and show no mercy to anyone. All of you have been fighting against the demons for so many years, and should well know their viciousness. Over the past few years, the demons have been increasing their harassment of the various kingdoms. Just last month, the Kingdom of Chang Xiang on the eastern coast was completely destroyed by demons. Every single one of them perished. I wonder if you all heard the news?”

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