Chapter 1241 - Sensational (2)

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Chapter 1241: Sensational (2)

The Kingdom of Chang Xiang was a tiny nation. It was even smaller than Mai Ya’s country by a few times, with the entire population numbering at only about 200,000. Chang Xiang was built by the sea, and most of the citizens were fishermen. It was a very poor kingdom, both in terms of land size and financial power.

Chang Xiang was such an impoverished nation that none of the other kingdoms could be bothered to overtake it. They were often sidelined by the rest, and no one knew if they still existed.

However, the expressions of all the rulers turned grim at Xing Hun’s statement.

As tiny as Chang Xiang was, it was still a kingdom with a military force. The demons have been attacking the human territories for many years and have caused countless damage over time. But the complete annihilation of an entire nation had never happened before.

Cold amusement flashed across Xing Hun’s eyes as he noted the crowd’s reaction. Nevertheless, he maintained a sympathetic expression as he narrated the tragedy of Chang Xiang.

One night a month ago, Chang Xiang was attacked by demons, who appeared as if they had been well prepared. They took advantage of the darkness of the night to ambush Chang Xiang’s forces on the border. The demons’ vast numbers swallowed the sentry troops in just a short while, before advancing further into the nation until death and destruction was spread across every corner of Chang Xiang.

That nightmare of death and destruction continued for seven entire days and nights.

They tainted the waters of the eastern coast blood red as countless dismembered bodies piled up. It was hard to imagine an entire kingdom being annihilated by demons in such a brief period.

The hearts of all the rulers shuddered. In reality, they had already observed that demon activity had been on the rise recently. They had not thought too much of it, but after Xing Hun’s words, they couldn’t help feeling worried that Chang Xiang’s tragedy might one day befall their own nation.

Mai Ya was also scared witless by Xing Hun’s news. Her hands couldn’t stop trembling.

Ji Fengyan was just about to reassure her when that girl turned to look at her with teary eyes. “Queen, do you think… my kingdom will also suffer such an attack? We have been suffering an increase in demon attacks at our borders these past few months. I…”

The more Mai Ya thought of it, the more frightened she got.

Her kingdom was not that much bigger than Chang Xiang. If they met with the same situation, they would probably…

Ji Fengyan narrowed her eyes. If it had been a year earlier, she might have believed Xing Hun’s claims. But now, she was unwilling to believe a single word of his!

The demons had been attacking the human territories because the Divine Temple had placed the bones of the demon god in the various nations. The demons could feel the aura emitted by the bones and were driven by instinct to retrieve those bones at all costs.

That was the reason behind the conflict between demons and humans.

In the end, as much as the demons loved to eat human flesh, they could easily find other nourishment. There was no need for them to go to war with the kingdoms and risk death just to fill their stomachs.

Unfortunately, only a few people in this world knew of that. Most people were completely convinced of the demons’ viciousness and would never rethink the reason behind their attacks.

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