Chapter 1280 - The Final Battle (8)

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Chapter 1280: The Final Battle (8)

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Liu Huo’s attack, which grew increasingly intense, had scuppered Ke Luo’s original plan.

Initially worried about Liu Huo, Linghe was now at ease.

Liu Huo was so much more powerful than Ke Luo imagined. Unable to defend himself despite his best efforts, Ke Luo was steadily losing the fight.

Meanwhile, Liu Huo showed no mercy to Ke Luo. His attacks became more and more aggressive.

With one heavy punch, Ke Luo flew across the air and plopped to his throne. Fresh blood spurted out of his mouth.

But Liu Huo showed no signs of pity. He walked towards the heavily injured Ke Luo with eyes filled with a murderous energy.

Ke Luo laughed abruptly.

“Do you really think this will end things? Even after my passing, nothing will change. I killed your parents, so what? They’re gone, and only through death shall you meet them again!” Ke Luo’s eyes rolled wildly in their sockets. “I want you all, and the entire world, to die with me!”

An insane laughter reverberated in the Divine Temple, which was already thick with the smell of blood.

Amidst that cackling, Ji Fengyan suddenly spoke.

“Ah… are you talking about those stargazing pagodas in the Kingdom of Sa Er?”

Ke Luo halted his mad laughter and gazed maliciously at Ji Fengyan. “That’s right. The moment I die, those 13 stargazing pagodas will self-destruct and emit enough poisonous gas to kill off every single living creature on this earth. None of you will escape it even if you flee to the ends of the earth! Ah, haha!”

Constructed by the Divine Temple, the 13 stargazing pagodas held a large volume of poison gas. This gas was colorless and odorless and easily carried away by the wind. Any living thing who inhaled it would go crazy and attack everything around it.

This was part of Ke Luo’s plan. As long as the elite of the various nations have all died, none of the other common folks would realize the reason for the sudden madness. Ke Luo wanted them to kill each other until all the races—apart from the Heavenly Fiend Clan—had perished. Only then could the Heavenly Fiend Clan replace the gods.

However, Ke Luo didn’t expect his plans to be foiled repeatedly by Ji Fengyan and Liu Huo. Nevertheless, even if he were to die by Liu Huo’s hands, he wanted the entire world to die along with him!

“Uhm, sorry.” Ji Fengyan suddenly spoke as she shook her head with regret.

Ke Luo thought Ji Fengyan was pleading with him, and the madness in his eyes intensified. “Sorry? There is no use saying sorry now! You will all go to hell with me!”

“Hell is better suited to you and your lackeys.” Ji Fengyan grinned at Ke Luo. “I said sorry as I seem to have accidentally spoiled your plans.”

“What?” Ke Luo was stunned.

Ji Fengyan continued. “Do you know how the 13 stargazing pagoda in the Kingdom of Sa Er were built?”

Ke Luo narrowed his eyes as a sense of foreboding rose in his heart.

Ji Fengyan pointed at herself with a smile. “Your subordinates took my money to build them. That is why I knew all along what was going on inside those pagodas. Before coming here, I had my men destroy the poison hidden within those pagodas, so…” Ji Fengyan waved her hand. “After you die, the 13 pagodas will collapse together with you, but I am afraid the world will go on living without you.”

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