Chapter 1281 - Finale (1)

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Chapter 1281: Finale (1)

When Long Yue and Xing Hun had initially glimpsed Ji Fengyan’s financial power, they had wanted to make use of it to build the stargazing pagodas. Ji Fengyan had complied with their wishes and provided sufficient financial resources. During that period, Xing Hun had taken many precautions against Ji Fengyan. But with Ji Fengyan’s ability, there was no way that Xing Hun could defend himself against her. Ji Fengyan had long since figured out the situation within the stargazing pagodas.

Earlier, when Ji Fengyan had brought the ancient dragon, and hurried to the Demon Swamp, she had already secretly sent Gong Zhiyu, at the head of a group of elite troops from the Kingdom of Hua Xia, to steal into the Kingdom of Sa Er. They were to seal the crystals containing the poisonous gas in the thirteen stargazing pagodas and bury them deep underground.

Now there was nothing in the thirteen stargazing pagodas. Only thirteen empty pagodas remained.

Ji Fengyan’s words were like a bolt of lightning that crashed violently into Ke Luo’s chest. He could not believe that Ji Fengyan had completely destroyed even his last chip.

Furor and desperation crushed Ke Luo’s chest. A huge mouthful of blood suddenly spurted from his mouth!

“Impossible… that’s impossible…” Ke Luo staggered and tried to stand upright. He could not believe that the plan he had worked on for thousands of years had been so easily destroyed when success was within sight…

Ke Luo wanted to struggle, but a figure suddenly flashed in front of him. Before he could react, a chilly light suddenly flashed by.

The next second, Ke Luo’s head fell off his neck without warning. A huge spray of blood spurted from the wound!

Liu Huo stood before Ke Luo’s body, his hand gripping the sharp sword that had just beheaded Ke Luo. He freely allowed the hot, fresh blood to spray on his entire body.

Death had finally taken Ke Luo.

The scheme he had brooded over for so many years had finally failed at Ji Fengyan and Liu Huo’s hands. Perhaps, even at the moment of his death, he did not realize why he had failed so tragically.

With Ke Luo’s death, the Divine Temple’s plots, that had shrouded the world for thousands of years, also collapsed.

Liu Huo had killed his enemy and fulfilled his desire.

In order to ensure that there were no evil remnants, Ji Fengyan and the others deliberately searched through the Divine Temple.

The envoys from the Divine Temple were all dead. However, Ji Fengyan and the others discovered many children in the Divine Temple.

These children were all elite Terminators trained by the Divine Temple. Their bodies were infused with demon blood. They locked tens of thousands of them in the dungeons below the Divine Temple.

The oldest of these children was only ten years old. They had been imprisoned in the Divine Temple since young, awaiting their cruel and blood training, and endless war.

“Queen, what shall we do with these children?” Linghe’s heart could not help aching when he saw these confused and uneasy little Terminators.

Although the Divine Temple had been destroyed, the harm it had caused would not vanish that easily.

With the revelation of the Divine Temple’s plot, where would these Terminators trained by the Divine Temple go?

Ji Fengyan looked at these children and hesitated for a moment before she went forward. She held a young girl’s hand. The girl looked to be about seven or eight years old. She was small and skinny, looking dirty and unkempt. She curled in a corner, shivering.

“Don’t worry, I’ll bring you out, all right?” Ji Fengyan softened her voice when she spoke.

The girl nodded timidly. Ji Fengyan scooped her up in her arms, then turned to the people from the Kingdom of Hua Xia and said, “Bring them back to Hua Xia.”

Everyone was stunned, but quickly moved into action. One by one, they sheathed their weapons, and scooped up the confused and helpless children.

“Are you going to take them in?” Liu Huo asked as he walked over to Ji Fengyan.

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