Chapter 1282 - Finale (2)

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Chapter 1282: Finale (2)

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Ji Fengyan nodded.

After all the countries knew about the Divine Temple’s plot, the existence of the Terminators would become an embarrassment. Especially these children who had grown up in the Divine Temple. The nations would never take them in.

“My Hua Xia lacks nothing but people. These little fellows will find new life in our Hua Xia.” Ji Fengyan spoke smilingly.

Liu Huo could not help but laugh and shake his head. He was already used to Ji Fengyan’s methods and no longer thought them odd.

This was someone who dared to gather a group of utterly evil and degenerate wanted criminals. What else would she not dare to do?

With that, the people from the Kingdom of Hua Xia brought all the children in the Divine Temple away. The members of the Heavenly Fiend Clan that followed Liu Huo also went to Hua Xia with them.

The news of the destruction of the Divine Temple spread like wildfire and rapidly reached the ears of the rulers of the various countries. It was just that they concealed this news with great secrecy. Except for the rulers of the various countries and those who had taken part in the battle, no one knew exactly what had happened.

To prevent further internal unrest from erupting, all the countries intended to conceal everything regarding the Divine Temple.

In the end, the rulers, who had been lucky enough to survive, also stood by their promises. Not long after returning to their countries, they successively announced their abdication, passing their thrones on to their successors. Further, they also told their successors the secrets regarding the Divine Temple.

Just as Ji Fengyan had expected, although the various countries concealed the ugly side of the Divine Temple, they had no intention of retaining the Terminators. Even though they knew these Terminators had grown up within their own countries, the moment these rulers saw the Terminators, they could not help remembering how frightening the Divine Temple had been.

The various countries successively banished the Terminators. This firstly ensured the safety of their own countries, and secondly, prevented the tradition of the Terminators from continuing. This sinful bloodline had arisen because of their selfishness. The only thing they could do was to hide the truth of the Terminators from the world. This was also a way of protecting the Terminators.

The Terminators who had been banished were all confused. They did not know why they had been stripped of their privileges without reason and banished from their countries.

Many of them could not accept it. Fortunately, when the Terminators were banished, the Kingdom of Hua Xia sent invitations to all the Terminators in the world.

The Kingdom of Hua Xia would unconditionally accept the arrival of any good-hearted Terminator.

With that, all the banished Terminators were taken in by the Kingdom of Hua Xia. Even their families also moved to the Kingdom of Hua Xia.

Among them were Qin Muyao and Liu Ruse, from the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon, and Wei Xu from the Kingdom of Mo Shi.

The citizens of the various countries who did not know the truth could not understand what their rulers were thinking when they banished these powerful Terminators. How would they counter demon attacks in future?

But their worries were unfounded, because everyone realized that they had not seen a trace of the Demon Clan for a long, long time.

The blurred boundaries between the Demon Clan and the humans were redrawn again at some point, and the two races never fought again.

But the Kingdom of Hua Xia grew more and more powerful. Although its population was small, they were all elite fighters. Just the number of Terminators sufficed to cause anyone’s scalp to grow numb. It was proudly poised to take the place of the Divine Temple.

Further, before the newly crowned rulers of each country ascended their thrones, they were warned by their fathers to never be discourteous to the Kingdom of Hua Xia in any way within their lifetime. They were to pay an annual tribute. If any of them broke their word, their throne would be forcibly taken from them.

The tiny Kingdom of Hua Xia, entrenched in the peaceful area of the Free Valley, had unconsciously become an unshakable holy ground in the eyes of every nation.

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