Chapter 129 - Shut up If You Don’t Know How to Speak Properly (2)

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Chapter 129: Shut up If You Don’t Know How to Speak Properly (2)

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When Ji Fengyan finished her sentence, the man’s face instantly darkened.

“Stupid brat, you are seeking your death!”

“Master Zhan, calm down,” Su Lingsheng, who had been watching from the side all along had actually spoken. She called out to that man with a gentle voice, then took a step forward to say, “Master Zhan, she had always been an impolite brat, why do you have to bother yourself with this? Don’t forget the objective of our visit here.”

Zhan Fei frowned and his eyes glanced at Ji Fengyan, before he said in a deep voice, “be quick.”

“Yes,” Su Lingsheng responded sharply. Then, she turned around and smiled gloatingly as she looked at Ji Fengyan.

“Ji Fengyan, how have you been?”

With her head tilted and her hand propping her chin, Ji Fengyan looked at Su Lingsheng, who seemed to be plotting something else. She did not respond to Su Lingsheng’s question and instead gestured to Linghe. Linghe immediately gathered all the injured guards.

All the guards looked very dejected and stared at Zhan Fei through their clenched teeth. There was a blood stench in the hall and it made them feel insulted.

“Ask Yang Jian to come over,” Ji Fengyan said to Linghe.

Linghe nodded and left to look for Yang Jian without saying anything else.

Su Lingsheng had actually wanted to see Ji Fengyan at a loss, but her smug words were totally ignored by her. Her eyes flashed with detest for Ji Fengyan, but very quickly, she put on a fake smile and said, “Ji Fengyan, your hosting is really extravagant, but it’s a pity that your men were simply too rude. They had actually made Master Zhan wait for so long and did not even show any politeness. Master Zhan was just too bored, so he used them to pass the time, who knew that… your guards were all so weak.”

Su Lingsheng’s voice was coated with extreme sarcasm. Every sentence and word was piercing them when Zuo Nuo and the others heard it. It was, in fact, even more painful than the injuries they had sustained.

Seeing Su Lingsheng’s complacent face and hearing the sarcastic mocking, Ji Fengyan did not show any sign of anger. She only slowly squinted her eyes and said neither fast nor slow, “that is because they have self-restraint. A reasonable person does not fight with an untamed beast.”

The smile on Su Lingsheng’s face froze as she looked coldly at Ji Fengyan and said, “What do you mean?!”

Ji Fengyan laughed coldly and replied, “What do I mean? Do you still not understand? If a dog bites you, don’t tell me you are going to bite it back?”

“You!” Su Lingsheng had never seen a person like Ji Fengyan who could twist the words so much. It was obviously because Ji Fengyan’s guards were not as skillful as Zhan Fei and were easily beaten up. But Ji Fengyan had actually come up with such ridiculous excuses to counterattack!

Zhan Fei, who was at the side, already had a ghastly expression. It not because of what Su Lingsheng had said just now, he would already not have held it in and immediately rip apart the stupid brat’s mouth.

Lei Min, who had kept silent throughout, seeing how Su Lingsheng had almost lost her composure from Ji Fengyan’s agitation, secretly took a deep breath and took a step forward to hold on to Su Lingsheng’s hands.

Su Lingsheng turned back to see Lei Min’s gentle smile at her.

“Lingsheng, it would only stain you to be speaking with someone like her. How could you be a match for her thick-skin? Let me do it.”

“Min…” Su Lingsheng thought for a while and finally nodded. Before she took a step back, she did not forget to shoot a stare at Ji Fengyan.

Lei Min stood in front of Ji Fengyan and said with a straight face, “Ji Fengyan, we are not here to bicker with you today. If you hand over the other stalk of the Twin Everlasting Feelings Flower, we will treat it as nothing had happened.”

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