Chapter 131 - Shut up If You Don’t Know How to Speak Properly (4)

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Chapter 131: Shut up If You Don’t Know How to Speak Properly (4)

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Everyone was so infuriated by Su Lingsheng’s shamelessness.

Gong Zhiyu, who was standing at the back, was also frowning. He had seen Su Lingsheng a few times, but each time he only saw her through his window and did not see her face to face.

It was just that…

The impression that Su Lingsheng gave him previously was not like this. If he had not witnessed with his own eyes what had happened that day, it was hard to believe that as a female official serving the eldest princess, Su Lingsheng would be this shameless.

“I could not be bothered to waste my breath on you. If you do not hand over the Everlasting Love Flower this time, we would not let you off. Just like how you had snatched the Twin Everlasting Feelings Flower that day, we will also do the same to get it back,” Lei Min took a glance at Zhan Fei, before he turned to say to Ji Fengyan in his cold voice.

Ji Fengyan’s mouth was still smiling faintly and it was hard to tell what she was feeling.

Gong Zhiyu could not tell Ji Fengyan’s plan.

“What Mister Lei and Miss Su had said seemed to be untrue, isn’t it?” a gentle and pleasing voice rang in the hall with an oppressive atmosphere.

Su Lingsheng frowned slightly and looked towards where the voice had come from. Only handsome looking man with a pale countenance could be seen walking out from among the injured guards.

His steps were slow and his shoulders were covered with a silvery grey thick coat. His looks were exceedingly gorgeous and he emitted a pleasant gracefulness and gentleness.

Gong Zhiyu stood before everyone and his smiling eyes met with Ji Fengyan’s eyes. His mouth curled into a smile and he then turned around to say to Su Lingsheng, who was dazed, “Miss Su, I believe the other people in Ji City would be very clear about what had happened that day. I believe it is not right to invert the truth with lies like this?”

Su Lingsheng snapped out of her daze and looked at Gong Zhiyu with annoyance.

This man was born so good-looking, yet why did he help Ji Fengyan? Who exactly was he?

Su Lingsheng was about to rebut, but Lei Min spoke before her. “The people from Ji City? Don’t you know that Ji Fengyan was Ji City’s City Lord. So long as she said it, who would dare to refute it? Isn’t it then all up to her to decide what had happened?”

Gong Zhiyu looked at Lei Min, who remained calm, and said with a soft laugh, “Oh? Does it mean that you think that the words of the people of Ji City cannot be trusted?”

“That is naturally the case,” Lei Min easily defended himself.

Gong Zhiyu looked at Lei Min. “What if I am able to bear witness for Ji Fengyan?”

Lei Min frowned and Su Lingsheng immediately said, “You are going to be the witness for her? You are someone from her residence, so your words are definitely going to be less trustable than those people from Ji City!”

After Su Lingsheng finished saying that, Gong Zhiyu started to laugh uncontrollably. He turned around and looked at Ji Fengyan innocently. “I can’t believe I have become one of your men.”

“…” Ji Fengyan did not say anything.

Gong Zhiyu stopped laughing and did not say anything. He only put both hands together and clapped.

Suddenly, two black figures suddenly appeared from outside and quickly stood beside Gong Zhiyu.

And when Su Lingsheng and Lei Min saw the face of the two men, they were stunned!

Weren’t the two men clad in black who was standing beside Gong Zhiyu wearing the outfit of the businessmen?

Why were both of them here?

“Who exactly are you!” Su Lingsheng started to panic.

Gong Zhiyu slightly looked up and his smiling eyes flashed with a sharpness that was completely different from his gentle gaze.

“I am Gong Zhiyu, the young master of the group of businessmen. Miss Su, do you think that what I say is trustable now?”

[Mini theatre]

Gong Zhiyu: They said I am your man.

Little crazy brat: You missed out the two words “my residence”.

Gong Zhiyu: Isn’t your men from your residence also your men?

Little crazy brat: Can you behave normally?

Gong Zhiyu: *Smiles*

Little Liu Huo: =-=

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