Chapter 132 - Being Unreasonable (1)

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Chapter 132: Being Unreasonable (1)

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Su Lingsheng stared at Gong Zhiyu in disbelief. Even Lei Min, who had been standing calmly at the side, also seemed to be shocked.

No one had expected that the young master of the group of businessmen would appear here.

That group of businessmen had a special origin. Even Su Lingsheng, who was acting on behalf of the eldest princess, could not even meet with the leader of the group. Who would have thought that not only had Ji Fengyan seen him, she had also brought him back to her residence!

In this moment, Su Lingsheng’s face flushed pale and she looked at Gong Zhiyu with a gaze that had hoped that he had never appeared.

Lei Min’s face was also ghastly and an ominous feeling creeped up his mind.

“Miss Su, during the exchange of the Twin Everlasting Feelings Flower, I was also present. It was only just that I could not appear to meet you guys because I was feeling unwell, but I had heard clearly the conversation between the both of you,” Gong Zhiyu had a warm smile on his face and his slightly smiling eyes was also very gentle-looking, but every word that he said made Su Lingsheng and Lei Min anxious and fearful!

“If I did not remember wrongly, it was true that Miss Su had intended to exchange the Twin Everlasting Feelings Flower with us that time, but… the ores brought over by Miss Su did not meet the requirements, so the deal was called off. Instead, the ores that Fengyan had presented was sufficient to exchange for the Twin Everlasting Feelings Flower. Moreover, after she had exchanged it, didn’t Miss Su also even ask for a stalk in front of everyone? Miss Su, do you think I have remembered wrongly?” Gong Zhiyu smiled even more kindly.

But the tone in Gong Zhiyu’s gentle voice made Su Lingsheng feel as if she had dropped into an icy pit and her body could only tremble uncontrollably. Her face lost all colouration and with her uneasy eyes, she looked at Zhan Fei, who had stayed silent.

Zhan Fei’s brows were frowning, and he seemed displeased.

Su Lingsheng’s legs had lost all its energy.

If the eldest princess were to know that not only did they not complete their task and had even fabricated such a huge lie…

Su Lingsheng really wanted to cry. She looked at Lei Min with an imploring gaze, hoping that he could turn around the situation.


At this moment, Lei Min did not have any other idea.

If anyone else had been the witness, he could think of excuses to rebut, but… the person who had stepped forward to witness for Ji Fengyan was uncoincidentally someone that they could not frame!

The mysterious young master of the group of businessmen—Gong Zhiyu. Even the eldest princess had also instructed them to not be disrespectful to anyone in the group.

No matter how ignorant Lei Min was, he understood that Gong Zhiyu’s identity was not that simple.

It was just that…

Why would a person like him stand out and speak for Ji Fengyan!

“Why did the both of you stop responding?” Gong Zhiyu smiled as he said. His gentle eyes swept a glance over Su Lingsheng and Lei Min’s pale face.

Su Lingsheng gritted her teeth but did not dare to say anything else. She had thought of all possibilities, yet she did not consider the appearance of Gong Zhiyu.

Zhan Fei’s face was even more ghastly, making Su Lingsheng scared out of her wits. She could not care about what Gong Zhiyu had said, and only said nervously to Zhan Fei, who was frowning unhappily, “Master Zhan, regarding this matter…”

“You don’t have to explain anymore,” Zhan Fei said with a deep voice, and his tone had already shown how impatient he was getting.

Su Lingsheng’s heart skipped a beat and cold sweat flowed down her forehead.

Lei Min also clenched his fist secretly.

Zhan Fei shot a glance at Su Lingsheng, who broke out in a cold sweat, and said coldly, “I don’t care about how the Twin Everlasting Feelings Flower had come about, there was only one task that the eldest princess had assigned me!”

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