Chapter 133 - Being Unreasonable (2)

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Chapter 133: Being Unreasonable (2)

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Zhan Fei’s words made Su Lingsheng slightly stunned.

Before Su Lingsheng could understand what had happened, Zhan Fei had already stepped forward and said impatiently to Ji Fengyan with his chin raised high, “hand over the everlasting feelings flower!”

Ji Fengyan squinted her eyes and a coldness flashed across her eyes.

The smile on Gong Zhiyu’s face changed. “Master Zhan, did you not hear me just now? This Twin Everlasting Feelings Flower belongs to Fengyan originally.”

Zhan Fei scoffed. “So what? How dare she not hand over what the eldest princess wants? I don’t care about what you were arguing about, but I definitely have to bring back the other stalk of the Everlasting Feelings Flower today! You don’t have to say anything else. You can either choose to hand it over yourself, otherwise I will tear down the entire residence until I find it!”

Zhan Fei’s overbearing threat made everyone stunned.

The people who were the most delighted were Su Lingsheng and Lei Min.

They had originally thought that after their lies were exposed, they would be reprimanded by Zhan Fei, but who knew that Zhan Fei did not care about the origin of the Twin Everlasting Feelings Flower and was only resolute to make Ji Fengyan hand it over!

As such, the huge stone that was hanging in their hearts could be put to rest.

After their fear subsided, Su Lingsheng continued to put on her face of arrogance and said threateningly beside Zhan Fei, “I have really been too foolish. Ji Fengyan, do you understand what Master Zhan had said? Quickly hand over the remaining Everlasting Love Flower and stop your useless nonsense.”

Gong Zhiyu frowned and obviously did not expect that Zhan Fei would be this unreasonable.

He wanted to say something else, but suddenly Ji Fengyan said, “Zhiyu, I can settle this myself, thank you.”

Gong Zhiyu turned around to look at Ji Fengyan, who had a cold smile on her face, feeling surprised and he was stunned.

Ji Fengyan was completely different from her usual playful self, and the laziness in her had also disappeared. Her eyes were obviously smiling, but Gong Zhiyu felt an intangible, oppressive feeling from her!

“You… be careful,” the words that had reached his mouth suddenly changed.

Ji Fengyan laughed softly and with her head sideways and her arm propping up her chin, she looked at the unreasonable and tyrannical Zhan Fei.

“I cannot give you the Everlasting Love Flower. You want to tear down my residence? You can try to see if you are capable of that!”

Ji Fengyan’s smiling eyes met with Zhan Fei’s overbearing eyes. Within the blink of an eye, the atmosphere in the hall had suddenly become very tense.

Su Lingsheng’s heart was almost jumping out of her chest in excitement as she watched Ji Fengyan continuously agitating Zhan Fei. She was already unable to wait for the sight of Zhan Fei ripping off Ji Fengyan’s head!

“Little lass, you are really daring. Unfortunately, this bunch of useless scum that you have are completely not my match. You have to know that just with your guts, it is useless…” Zhan Fei shot a look of disdain at Zuo Nuo and the other men who were injured. After he said that, he immediately turned into a shadow and charged towards Ji Fengyan!

Gong Zhiyu, who was standing at the side, could only feel a strong feeling of suppression. With Zhan Fei’s actions in the hall, he felt uneasy. Just when he wanted to do something, Zhan Fei’s figure had already reached before Ji Fengyan. His hand that was raised high was about to land on Ji Fengyan’s head!

Gong Zhiyu was shocked but Ji Fengyan sat there without moving. She only lifted her eyes and watched Zhan Fei, who was closing up on her.

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