Chapter 134 - Being Unreasonable (3)

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Chapter 134: Being Unreasonable (3)

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Just when Zhan Fei thought that he could smash the top of Ji Fengyan’s head, his palm that was slamming down was frozen in midair!

A huge palm had firmly grabbed onto Zhan Fei’s wrist and forcefully placed his palm at the distance of a fist away from Ji Fengyan.

Zhan Fei could not imagine someone would stop that attack. He immediately looked up to see a handsome-looking man, who had an upright eye between his brows, suddenly appearing beside Ji Fengyan. And the hand that had grabbed onto his wrist belonged to this man!

With a straight face, there were completely no emotions on that man’s face. Zhan Fei could not even detect his breath before he had suddenly closed up on him!

“Yang Jian,” Ji Fengyan sat calmly on the chair and called out softly.

Yang Jian immediately flipped his hand and locked Zhan Fei’s wrist, while his other hand that was holding onto the three pointed, double-edged sword suddenly aimed towards Zhan Fei’s head!

A cold air swept against the top of Zhan Fei’s head. As the danger of death struck Zhan Fei, he instinctively gathered all his strength and broke free from Yang Jian’s grip. During the moment that Yang Jian’s hand had slightly loosened up, he immediately backed away!

Zhan Fei’s speed was extremely fast and had only narrowly survived Yang Jian’s attack, even so, the three pointed, double-edged sword had grazed his face. It was a light graze but there was already a long cut across Zhan Fei’s cheeks.

The blood stench filled the air in the quiet hall and it choked everyone.

Yang Jian stood steadily behind Ji Fengyan and his hand that had suffered the full blow of Zhan Fei’s attack already started to crack, but he had no reaction. With his slightly lowered eyes, he looked at the crack line along his palm. It was narrow and curvy and there were wood shavings that had already fallen off from the crack line.


Zhan Fei, who had escaped, was already in cold sweat. He had never thought that in such a remote city like Ji City, there was actually someone who could receive his hit!

What was even more unbelievable was that he had even been injured by this man out of carelessness!

The stinging pain from his cheeks kept on reminding him about the shock he was feeling.

Su Lingsheng and Lei Min, who were standing behind Zhan Fei, were stunned. They looked dumbstruck at the deep cut on Zhan Fei’s face and watched as fresh blood flowed down his clothes and stained it.

Everything was so strange that it was so hard for them to believe their eyes!

“Master… Master Zhan?” Su Lingsheng’s pitch changed. Zhan Fei was the personal guard that Your Majesty had bestowed upon the eldest princess, and his abilities were naturally incomparable. After serving the eldest princess for such a long time, Su Lingsheng had never been Zhan Fei being defeated by any of his opponent.


This sort of impossible situation had appeared right before their eyes.


How was it possible!

“Shut up!” Zhan Fei cursed in a low voice. He lifted his hand to wipe away the bloodstains on his face. His eyes turned into a ruthless stare at Yang Jian, who was standing with his eyes lowered beside Ji Fengyan.

“Who are you?!”

Yang Jian completely did not give any response. He did not even glance at Zhan Fei.

Ji Fengyan’s voice started to ring.

“He is Yang Jian. If you are willing, you can also formally address him as Erlangshen!”

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